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All new mumma's need a little extra care, pampering and support, but it can be hard to know what products are safe for both you, and your unborn bub.  Check out our guide to pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe skin care and cosmetics!

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Being a mother is a wonderfully overwhelming experience that makes you very aware of your environment, because – very scarily – you’re now responsible for a whole new little person.

I became far more aware of cosmetic and skincare chemicals and their long-term effects when I became pregnant with my daughter.

Everything we absorb into our bodies is also absorbed by the foetus and our skins are the largest and most porous organ in our bodies.  It really made me think – what am I doing to myself? And what is being transferred to my baby?

This was compounded after my daughter was born and I realised that when she breastfed, she nestled into my arms and breathed in my deodorant.  She would gum and drool happily on my arm – and whatever moisturiser I wore.  Then she began ‘kissing’ me. Baby kisses are the most adorable slobber fest that you will ever encounter with the range of their kiss usually covering mouth, nose and chin.

So, I decided that all my beauty products and cosmetics needed to pass the ‘baby lick test’.  If I wasn’t happy for it to go in my daughter’s mouth, then I wasn’t happy for it to be on my body.

Pregnancy Safe Chemicals?

While we are aware of the different chemicals and preservatives that are added to skincare and cosmetics, the long terms effects of these on health are still definitely unknown.

What we do know is that many of these chemicals and fragrances are linked to higher incidences of cancer and many of them are endocrine disruptors.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that have the potential to disrupt the natural hormonal processes in the body and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife.

These include phthalates and parabens (preservatives), BHA and BHT (preservatives), DEA, MEA and TEA (foaming agents) and siloxanes (softeners). Women, with their higher levels of oestrogen, are in the midst of an uncontrolled scientific experiment.


So besides giving up all skincare and cosmetics – how do you protect yourself and your little one from all the chemical additives and preservatives in skincare?

Try to use products that have few ingredients and are close to their natural state.  That way you can be more aware of exactly what ingredients are being used.  Some essential oils and herbs are not recommended for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding so it is best to double check any products that contain these, or avoid them altogether.

Pregnancy, motherhood and breastfeeding are a chaotic combination of tears, joy, exhaustion and elation – so if you ever needed a bit of pampering it’s now! So what skincare products are simple, luxurious, effective and safe for expecting and new mums?

  • MV Organic Skincare's Pure Jojoba is 100% organic, pure and delicate jojoba oil cleanser and makeup remover.

  • Black Chicken Love Your Face Serum (30ml) is a supernatural face serum that is luxuriously indulgent, anti-ageing, deeply penetrating, skin boosting, super hydrating and ultra-plumping (the essential oils in this product are pregnancy safe although if you have a history of bleeding or miscarriages it is best to avoid essential oils altogether).

  • Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste (75g) has become a bit of a cult beauty product here in Australia for its unique formula and exceptional performance.

  • La Mav BB Crème is Australia's first organic BB Crème and contains natural sunscreen to provide effective coverage. It is great for a quick makeup and skin care in one; ideal for time poor, busy new mums!

  • INIKA Mineral Foundation Powder SPF15 is an award-winning mineral powder foundation that provides a natural finish and is suited to all skin types.

  • Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm Healthy is a clever caramel cream blush for your cheeks and lips.

  • Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara is the only natural waterproof mascara on the market.

  • Dr Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap Baby Unscented is a multi-tasking gentle cleansing product for skin, hair, body and even home! A great product to care for yourself and bub at this precious time.

  • By Zara Wright: Writer and blogger for pregnancy and breastfeeding website


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