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After years of experiencing debilitating migraines and working in a job she didn't enjoy, Angela Simson turned her life around through nutrition; she found that processed foods were only making her illness worse, and that through healthier diet and lifestyle choices, she could improve her happiness and wellness.  After studying to become a certified Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Ange now empowers other women to take charge of their own health and happiness and find gratitude every day. Here she discusses her work, and shares her own daily wellness rituals.

Wellness Journey

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, meaning I work with women to find authentic happiness in their everyday life by addressing their needs in nutrition, career, spirituality, exercise and their relationships.  I also run an online program twice a year for women to teach them to spend more time on gratitude and what makes them happy in life.  Along side this, I do group programs on the Gold Coast and speak at events and in large companies to encourage corporate wellness.  But!! Most importantly, I blog and give free goodness to anyone who needs it via my site The Gratitude Project.

How does The Gratitude Project empower others

By giving every single reader and client the power to change their own life.  It could be through mindset or just by making better health choices daily. My site also encourages women to take time out each day to do something selfish.  Read a book, take a bath, drink a cup of herbal tea in peace without any guilt.  You can only give so much of yourself to others before it catches up, so keeping that self-care going daily keeps you feeling the love to give.

On Feeling Centred

Almost everyday, I’ll simply sit in silence.  Either in my office, at the beach or on my balcony I’ll sit and quiet down my mind.  It’s necessary when I’m going from client to client to find that peace within so I’m fresh for my next session.

Your Motivation

Energy in the morning, a mind that works efficiently and a body that feels amazing with no aches.  That inspires me and motivates me all the time.  When I feel like something is lacking, I take my mind back to how good it feels to be living authentically and feeling the way everyone deserves to feel.  If I ever have a slump, either with eating foods that aren’t nourishing me or forgetting to stretch or meditate daily, that is the feeling that motivates me to get back onto my path.

What you love most about your work

I love working with my one-on-one coaching clients.  It’s so incredible watching someone take charge of their wellbeing and the amazing moment when they come to me and they know that they have stepped into their truth.  Being present for someone’s transformation over time is such an honour and I actually can’t believe that this is the work I get to do!

Fave Healthy Food

I am loving dates at the moment, for a natural little sweet treat I have one with some almond butter.  Or I make these date cookies for my family.

Fave Exercise

I love movement that feeds my body and mind.  Walking is amazingly therapeutic when I need to nut out a problem, and Yoga and Callanetics are my own way of having extreme self-care and going back to what’s happening within, when things get a little lost around me.  I always use my body weight or light weights and I try to do workouts that feel natural to my body type.

Fave way to unwind

Going for a walk or just sitting on my balcony, sometimes with a book.  I think the best way to unwind is to simply turn off any distractions and make sure your phone is away.  People tend to want to unwind by scrolling on social media or watching a TV show, but that doesn’t let your mind relax and I think that’s necessary after a big day. Mediation is always top of the list also.

Top Natural Beauty Tip

The beach for easy natural waves. And, coconut oil all over, everywhere, to feel glowy and gorgeous from head to toe!

Fave Beautiful Because Products

Yes, aside from coconut oil, I have tried Madara Sunflower Tinting Fluid, Bite Beauty Lip Tint, La Mav Camelia Oil, Lavera Concealer and INIKA eyeliner, as well as Ere Perez makeup and absolutely love them!

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Happiness and contentment with exactly where they are in the present moment.  That state of bliss no matter what is going on in life draws me instantly in to people and I want to see and know more.

Visit Ange's website The Gratitude Project for more health and wellbeing advice, and to find out more about her coaching programs.

By Nina Weston


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