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Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl inspirational speaker and self-love teacher. She creates transformational online programs and products and widely speaks with the intention to inspire women to become wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love! We couldn’t wait to find out more about her own wellness journey and top tips to help us all on our path to more holistic living...

Melissa Ambrosini

Wellness Journey

My wellness journey started — like so many others’ — with a health crisis. A few years back, I was living a so-called ‘glamorous’ life working as a professional dancer, actress and TV presenter. From the outside, it looked as though I had it all, but the reality was very different: I was unhealthy, unhappy, and unfulfilled. Eventually, I hit rock bottom and ended up in hospital with a whole host of health issues. I delve into this part of my journey in depth in my book, Mastering Your Mean Girl, but basically, having everything fall apart was the catalyst I needed to turn my life and health around. From there I started blogging, studying spiritual texts and every aspect of wellness, I became a qualified health and life coach, did my yoga teacher training, learnt meditation and AcuEnergetics and eventually that turned into writing and speaking for thousands of women all around the world.


I am inspired by the idea that every day is like a fresh canvas and I get to paint whatever I want on it. I am grateful to be living a life that literally has me bouncing out of bed with excitement every morning — I seriously LOVE what I do :) Hearing women's stories of mastering their Mean Girl, seriously lights me up.

Practising Self-love

Self-love is like a muscle that needs to be flexed every single day, which is why self-love is something I practice daily — in fact, moment to moment — by choosing love over fear. I share so many different ways you can flex your self-love muscle in my book Mastering Your Mean Girl, but some of my favourites are practicing gratitude, meditation, moving my body, and nourishing my temple with fresh, organic whole foods.

Helping others

When it comes to self-love, I am a big-believer in taking baby steps towards where you want to be, and not getting upset with yourself if you haven’t gotten in the long walk or the bubble bath you planned — we’re all a work in progress, and every step forward is worthy of celebration.

Here are my top tips for self-love:

  1. Include time every day for stillness. Meditation rocks my socks, but if you’re feeling resistant, try some other form of contemplative activity. It might be journalling, or sitting in the sun (iPhone, of course!) while you have your morning cup of herbal tea.

  2. Include time every day for movement. This doesn’t have to mean an hour long sweaty gym session (although it totally can if that’s what lights your fire). It could mean something as simple as playing with your kids at the park or taking your dog for a walk.

  3. Include time every day for gratitude. Whether you prefer writing it down or talking about it over the dinner table, gratitude is a truly powerful self-love practice that can radically improve your life.

Top 3 tips for staying healthy

Current Fave Healthy Recipe

I am currently loving having my fatty latte for breakfast in the mornings. This recipe is from my book The Glow Kitchen.

Fatty Latte - The Glow Kitchen



Fave exercise:

Gone are the days where I would flog my body at the gym for hours in with the hopes of looking like a Victoria's Secret model. These days I love moving my body mindfully. I do some form of movement each morning. Sometimes that’s 15 minutes of yoga on my bedroom floor in my underwear, or a beautiful walk along the beach, or even a barre or pilates class — I always tune into my body and see what it feels like because I love mixing it up.

Melissa Ambrosini

Fave way to de-stress:

Meditation. Diving in the ocean. Having a coconut oil and epsom salt bath. Laying starfish on the grass and looking up to the sky. Getting a massage. Feeling the sand in my toes.

Top natural beauty tips:

I use organic coconut oil for almost everything — as a body moisturiser, eye makeup remover, hair treatment, cuticle cream and cheek highlighter. It’s seriously the BEST!

Fave natural beauty brands:

I use loads of your brands. I love Ere Perez, INDAH, INIKA, La Mav Organic Skincare and Mukti Organic Skincare.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

I think someone is beautiful when they glow from the inside out. When they are fiercely confident in their own skin and unapologetically their true authentic self. That is freaking BEAUTIFUL!

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By Nina Weston


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