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Amy Crawford founded The Holistic Ingredient, an online wellness hub, following a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and from her passion for natural therapies and toxic-free living. As a health coach, Reiki & CTC Master, and all-round energy force, we were interested to discover her own daily rituals, go-to sweet treat and even her fave beauty products.

Amy Crawford

Wellness Journey

I am the founder of online wellness hub The Holistic Ingredient, a culmination of all the things I am most passionate about – food and cooking, toxic-free living and healing therapies. I run two blogs on this website, one of which is full to the brim of nourishing whole food recipes. My Combined Therapy Cocktail is a hugely transformational 2 hour session that frees my clients of anything holding them back from feeling amazing, I see clients all over the world for this.

Everything that I now do is the result of a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis early 2011, putting an end to an 18 year corporate career and setting me on this path. Forced to close a successful recruitment business I moved to Tasmania and in with my parents during my recovery. Returning to Melbourne late 2012 I simply put one foot in front of the other in a direction that felt right and THI was born!

On Feeling Centred

I practise Vedic Meditation that involves a 20 minutes meditation morning and afternoon. It is a hugely powerful tool for someone who has trouble slowing down. I feel huge benefits from this practise.

Daily Routine

Very typical! Up at 6.15am for a meditation, followed by a huge glass of warm water with lemon juice and ACV, an hour walk with Wilson (my pooch), breakfast and then I’m typically at my desk by 9am. I put a timer on across my day to alert me every 45 minutes to get up and take a break from my desk (if I’m desk bound) – this has great impact on my productivity and given I work from home it means all domestic chores are complete before I finish my working day! Typically I finish at around 5pm and following my second meditation I take Wilson for a second walk.


The ultimate objective of my business is to inspire my community to greater health and happiness. It’s therefore hugely motivating to read the countless emails I receive from therapy clients all over the world, telling me how much their lives have changed and the powerful impact their session has had. I feel pretty blessed. I’m also hugely motivated to see people recreate and enjoy the recipes we produce.

What You Love Most About Your Work

I love all of it because I built this business around my biggest passions. I work for myself; I am able to choose what I do every single day. I have learnt enough now to know when to pull away from something that doesn’t feel right, that doesn’t sustain me and fuel my energy. But I guess what I really love is seeing the impact what I do has on the lives of others.

Fave Healthy Food

I’d say cacao. It’s my favourite healthy food every single day. Raw cacao is one of the highest antioxidant foods on the planet.  It’s great for the heart and brain and is also considered a mood elevator and anti-depressant. That’s enough for me! I created a rather scrumptious chocolate inspired recipe recently, Salted Peanut Butter and Banana Bites.

Banana Bites



Fave Exercise

I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue early last year (as a result of doing a little much). Consequently my exercise needs to remain gentle until I am fully recovered. I walk about 1.5 hours every day. I do some gentle yoga. I play a little tennis. I move every single day without even thinking about it. I’ve also had to find peace with having to omit cardio exercise from my life.

DIY beauty tips

I am a big lover of coconut oil. I use it as moisturiser all over my body and to remove eye makeup. I also make my own body scrubs using Himalayan salt, Epsom salts and essential oils.

Fave natural products

Yes, lots! I use INIKA mineral foundation and concealer, Ere Perez bronzer and blush, Karen Murrell lipstick and Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Someone who exudes self confidence and self love, who radiates happiness and leaves people feeling good about themselves just being in their presence.

Visit Amy’s blog theholisticingredient.com for more health and wellbeing inspo, or to schedule a CTC appointment.


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