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As cruelty-free beauty advocates, we were very excited to talk to Gemma Davis, founder of The Compassionate Road, about how we can all bring more compassion into our daily living and the choices we make, from food to lifestyle. She shares her wellness journey, daily health rituals, fave BB beauty products and even a delish vegan recipe with us!

Gemma Davis - The Compassionate Road

Wellness Journey

I am a Qualified Naturopath and am on the Council of Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute. I started The Compassionate Road, ultimately because I am horrified by the suffering that occurs to billions of animals every day in factory farms and the devastation that is caused to the environment in the process. I just couldn’t sit back anymore.

I have been a vegan and naturopath for over a decade and have seen a huge shift in people’s understanding and interest to know where their food and general products are coming from, how they are raised/made and the environmental and health impact they have. I wanted to create a platform people could learn about this with practical, non-judgmental and easy to understand information about how they can also live healthy, cruelty-free lives.

Daily Rituals

My days vary but consistently in them is my yoga/meditation and looking after my children. School lunches, cooking meals, playing, counselling and everything else that comes with being a mother, which is my main role and priority as my children are young. Work can be anything from naturopathic consultations; working on a documentary I am filming with a company or writing.

Feeling Centred

I keep centred by doing 1 hour of yoga, 20 minutes of meditation and showing myself compassion each day.


I feel like I am in a privileged position to have been born in a country where we are safe, have access to clean water and food and education. For me it comes with a sense of responsibility to be of service to make the world a better place but also enjoy the process!! So if I can be creative, learn or be of service in ways that speak to my heart I am a happy woman.

How To Be Compassionate Each Day

I think it is amazing how much impact what we eat can have when multiplied by the billions of us on the planet today.  Animal agriculture has been shown to be contributing more greenhouse gases that all transport combined, is the biggest land user on earth, largest fresh water user, antibiotic user and causes suffering to billions of animals in factory farms across the globe. (Check out the documentary COWSPIRACY).

So really one of the largest impacts we can have as individuals to be more compassionate to our planet and the other sentient beings is to:

  • Eat less (or no) meat.
  • Avoid factory-farmed products.
  • Avoid cleaning and cosmetic products that are tested on animals. These tests are cruel and out-dated.
  • Fave Exercise

    I have practised ashtanga yoga for 12 years and for me it is like my daily dose of “get real a”. By sustaining the practise over a long period I feel like it keeps me connected, grounded and physically healthy and energised.

    Fave Way To Unwind

    Yoga defiantly de-stresses me but I also love doing something that I enjoy, that is pure fun to unwind: singing while playing the guitar, going to dance and laughing with girlfriends. In our society sometimes we get a little tight and there is so much to be said for music, movement and the company of people we love. You see it in most tribal and Latino cultures and in my eyes they are often the happiest.

    Fave Vegan Recipe

    I am loving Kitchari at the moment; it’s a wonderfully nourishing Ayuvedic dish

    Ayuvedic Dish



    Get out all the seeds and spices before you start cooking. It’s also helpful to have all of the veggies cut and ready to go prior to turning on the heat.

    Heat the oil in a large saucepan and add the mustard seeds. When they begin to pop, add the ginger and chilli. After a minute add the cumin and fennel seeds and fry quickly.

    Add the fenugreek seeds, asafoetida, the lentils and rice and stir them all around into the spices.

    Add the vegetables, turmeric, curry powder and water. Bring to a boil and then simmer, covered for 20 minutes. Add salt and serve.

    Natural Beauty Tips

    For me I feel ‘beautiful’ when my skin and hair are looking good.

    Coconut oil over my whole body and hair for a treatment when I am feeling dried out is great. Keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoiding too much alcohol and caffeine is also a winner for your skin.

    There is also something in having a brilliant tinted, sun-protecting moisturiser and a good lip-gloss to throw on in 2 minutes.

    Fave Products

    I use La Mav (face wash and creams including BB cream), Ere Perez (bronzer, cheek and lip balms), Nudus (lipsticks) Mukti, Weleda (creams), Jojoba oil!

    What do you think makes someone beautiful?

    Beauty to me is the ability to be authentic, comfortable in your own skin and kind.


    Visit Gemma's blog,, for more advice on healthy, cruelty-free living. Plus, if you are looking for self love mentoring, yoga tips and vegan recipe inspo, Gemma has a fabulous e-book – The Compassionate Kitchen.



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