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Cindy Lüken is the founder of Lük Beautifood; a super-­nourishing, clean beauty brand from Sydney, Australia. We chat to her about her 100% natural, toxin-­free beauty products made from active foods, and explore why avoiding toxic ingredients in your daily beauty regimen is the best foundation for natural beauty. She also shares how to get the perfect ‘Natural Lip’ in seconds and what to eat for beautiful skin.

Cindy Luken

Your Inspiration for Lük Beautifood

Remember how years ago we cleaned out our pantries of the worst food additives? The first to go were artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. Well, these are the same ingredients popping up in natural and organic makeup now supported by misleading comments “if you eat them they are good for you’. But those colours and preservatives with numbers are not okay for everyday use if you follow a clean beauty mantra. If you’ve already dumped them from your food in favour of raw, fresh, whole and real ingredients with little or no processing, why now buy cosmetics that contain them?

It all boils down to the fact “If we eat clean food why on earth aren’t we putting it on our skin as what goes on, goes in.” 10 years ago I inadvertently saw how lipstick was made and as a food scientist it intrigued me to delve deeper. On researching I quickly understood that lipsticks are made of oils, waxes, butters, binders, colours and flavours and that the recipe looked a lot like a chemical cocktail, not the skin ­healthy recipe it could be. This simple fact inspired me to create innovative makeup swapping in extraordinary quality skin foods without adding synthetics and hazardous chemicals for outer beauty and inner health.

Why are natural formulas so important?

Actively avoiding makeup made with hazardous ingredients enables us to care for our whole body. People are becoming increasingly concerned about their skincare rituals hence the big move towards naturals and organics, but the majority of women are still applying foundation, mascara and other products that contain synthetics and preservatives. Remember, our skin is our largest organ and we absorb 60% of what we put on it within 30 seconds. That's scary when you know research has linked many ingredients to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption and allergens / irritants. When we take a more mindful approach regarding cosmetics we can avoid troublesome chemicals.

Since you eat the majority of your lipstick (yes women consume over 400 lipsticks in a lifetime!) you are exposing your body to potential toxins especially from synthetic dyes, fragrance, preservatives and petroleum­-derived toxins. Many of these chemicals are  hormone disruptors, or worse. Hormones regulate everything: mood, skin health, fertility and weight – it is not-­so­-pretty that what we expose our body to can affect our health too.

We love your mantra “be delicious... inside and out”

Lük Beautifood is designed specially for the modern, savvy woman who demands honesty, simplicity and quality without compromising on style, convenience and performance. By feeding her whole body (inside out and outside in) with clean, toxin­-free, active foods she can’t help but ‘be delicious....inside and out!’. We love the feel­-good cheekiness that tells her she is beautiful all over, rather than getting bogged down in solely science!

We want to empower women to look and feel beautiful; to be confident and in control of their life; to glow with vitality and celebrate their innate, natural beauty. And to support this we simplify her beauty routine – we give her back the time to do the things she really loves whilst offering her beautiful and inspiring products and education on the science of ingredients used in cosmetics

What is unique about Lük Beautifood?

Luk Beautifood

I can say that lük beautifood has found unchartered territory where it offers beauty + food + science wrapped up in a holistic, healthy lifestyle. So lük is a potent mix of product performance, super active and safe food ingredients and holistic business practices where we champion the ‘Natural Beauty’ and allow her to feel good about who she is.

We threw away the box and pack our lipsticks in eco­chic sustainable packaging to show just one of the ways we actively contribute to the health and wellbeing of the planet. With online shopping such a big part of our customer base and the way of the future, we are very conscious to reduce, recycle and re­purpose.

It’s a personal choice what you make cosmetics from and I choose to keep lük products clean and 100% natural. Unlike other cult organic and toxin-­free makeup brands we don’t use synthetic colours because we want to minimise our overall toxin load.

Tell us about your Lip Nourishes

Lip Nourish is designed for the understated woman and for the woman that is tired of having dry lips that constantly needs a swipe of lip balm. Lip Nourish glides on with an incredibly soft, creamy yet weightless texture that’s not too shiny or pigmented so it is ideal for everyday wear. Use it ‘as is’ on a bare face for home and when exercising or for an instant ‘lift’ or as part of your fresh, healthy-­look face.

There are 7 universal nudes and neutrals on the menu made from super­rich active goodies to nourish, moisturise and protect, and as you would expect, free from irritating synthetic colours and preservatives, drying petroleum and other hazardous toxins. And, because they are in a slim stick, they easily fit into your pocket or purse and their sheer shades means you don’t always need a mirror to apply. They are fabulous for on­the-­go ­ see, one is not enough! To find your fave, why not try our Tasting Plate? (below)

How do you create the perfect natural lip?

Line your lip with a nude pencil that matches your exact lip colour. Apply Tea Rose Lip Nourish directly to your lip or with a lip brush. If the shade is slightly too blue for your skin tone, apply Chai Shimmer over the top! Beautiful!

Your favourite skin beautifying foods

Oh the answers to this question are endless! Food actives like anthocyanins – those gorgeous deep red and purple colours known as antioxidants found in beetroot and berries fight free radicals (from synthetics, sunshine, pollution etc) that cause cell damage hence lines or sagging skin.

Look for Vitamin C rich fruits like lemons to fight inflammation and infection; we especially love Vitamin C because it is collagen’s bed mate, meaning you cannot create your skin’s (protein) scaffolding which keeps it firm and plump without it.

Look for minerals like silica in cucumbers and celery for strong nails and hair and yes there is truth behind iron making you radiant and attractive (magnetic) because when eaten it helps your blood flow and brings oxygen to the surface of your skin!

What’s next for Lük Beautifood?

Next year is going to be exciting for Lük – we are going to create a ‘basic face’ with performance and power­-packed food active makeup (think skincare made from food with natural colour) like Cheek + Lip Juice plus our first beauty products to ingest. We are taking our most popular beauty juices and making them available for your convenience as Sparkling Inner Beauty Powders... wait until you see how pretty they look! How deliciously innovative does that sound?

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

“There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who dares to follow her dreams” … Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams". Oh, and a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear!

Visit the Lük Beautifood brand page at Beautiful Because to shop the range.

*Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, April 2006 Issue of Women's Health Magazine


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