GET THE LOOK: Beach Beauty


Eco makeup artist Emmily Banks explains have to get sophisticated beach glamour with this Get The Look she created, perfect for summer.

Get The Look

Photographer Julia Trotti for Alexander Redmond Jewellery


Apply a light application of rosehip oil to moisturise face before blending Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation in Medium all over face for full coverage.  Then apply Ere Perez Highlighter in Sun Halo above cheek bones for golden dewy glow.

HOT TIP – Make sure you always moisturise before applying Ere Perez foundation, it’s a fabulous full coverage foundation, but it needs a super soft, dewy base to blend into the skin easily. BB Creams are also great for the beach. Plus, don't forget your sunscreen! It can be applied under foundation.


Photographer Julia Trotti for Alexander Redmond Jewellery

Ere Perez Eyeshadow Duo in “Better Than Smokey” has been applied to model's entire eyelids. You could also use the smokey greys in Lily Lolo's new Smoke & Mirrors Palette (below). Next, apply a soft eyeliner of your choice, for a subtle yet defined smokey look. Use the eyeliner smudger to soften the effect. Finish with your choice of natural mascara; we love Ere Perez's Volumising Waterproof Mascara for the beach.


Apply Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzer underneath the cheekbones, on top sides of forehead and around jawline.

HOT TIP – You can also use bronzer to shade the eye sockets for a natural, bronzed look.


Apply Karen Murrell Violet Mousse for a more plum base, or Karen Murrell Carnation Mist for a coral pink.

HOT TIP – Apply a small amount of lip balm or gloss on top of lipstick if you want the extra shine! Even a touch of rosehip oil would do the job well!


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