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There’s no doubt the body is a self healing mechanism. If you have surgery and you are stitched up afterwards, the doctors don’t make your muscles and skin knit back together and get the circulation and nerve rewiring happening again. You body does it all by itself and modern science still does not understand this pervasive, vital function. There is simply no language or reason to describe this healing force. Perhaps because when we use words like healing force it’s beyond conscious reasoning (for some).

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Enter homeopathy. It honors and respects this healing force. In fact, it encourages it. Whatever symptom you have is a signal that your body is trying to heal something. The symptoms themselves are not the problem, only the signals. Take for instance a fever. How amazing that your body has the power to heat itself up enough to kill off a harmful overgrowth of bacteria or viruses. Mostly, people don’t like the discomfort of a fever and suppress it, which prolongs the original symptoms and healing takes longer.

The beauty of homeopathy is that it considers the symptoms you are presenting with on a physical, emotional and mental level and a remedy is found to best match that symptom profile. It addresses all levels of your being rather than only one symptom.

Treatment can be acute, like for bruises or burns, ingrown toenails, food poisoning, teething babies, colds and flu. There is also a more involved form of homeopathic practice which is for chronic conditions like skin disorders, migraines, ulcerative colitis, anxiety and panic disorders, difficulties with weight loss, chemical sensitivities and many more.

A major difference between homeopathy and allopathic medicine is that homeopathy aims to cure. Whereas allopathic medicine can palliate or suppress symptoms. While this approach can sometimes be useful, it’s certainly not without its side effects.

If you want to try out homeopathy for yourself for a common household complaint you could try this... Buy a homeopathically prepared calendula cream and keep it in the kitchen. Next time you burn yourself on the stove top or oven door put calendula cream on straight away and see what happens. There will be a reduction in pain and a speeding up of the healing process; if you catch it early enough, it won’t blister.

For more long term complaints or complex issues it would be worth your while seeking out a homeopath. The initial interview process is lengthy and the homeopath will want to know everything they can possibly know in 1.5 hours. Which is quite different to the standard 10-20 minute visit to the doctor.

Healing with homeopathy is completely in tune with your body’s healing process. Cure is the aim. There are no side effects. All levels of your being will be considered. What more could we want from a system of medicine?

By Abby TakarabeAbby is a classical homeopath operating a clinic in Adelaide, South Australia; she also takes online homeopathic consultations for those unable to visit the clinic. Visit for more information or to make an appointment.


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