MV Skincare: Sharon McGlinchey Talks Pro-Ageing


Sharon McGlinchey is the founder of MV Organic Skincare, a Sydney-based, luxury brand. Initially created for those with skin sensitivity, the pure, simple yet effective range is highly praised by beauty journalists and celebrities alike for its quality, integrity and results. Sharon believes we should keep our skin healthy and beautiful, but not obsess about the natural ageing process. We caught up with her to find out more.

Sharon McGlinchy

How MV Organic Skincare came to be

Almost by accident, while helping a client who’d developed a petrochemical sensitivity over 16 years ago, I came up with my own formulas to help strengthen her skin.

The first product launched, was Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser

Luxury formula and ingredients

MV is passionately committed to skin health and to setting and maintaining impeccable standards in the development of luxury organic skincare. MV is a unique and beautiful experience which allows all women a moment in the day to truly relax and pamper themselves.

We use a unique manufacture process which retains the integrity of the valuable plant nutrients resulting in naturally ‘active’ formulations which deliver impressive results.

Top bio-active ingredient

Our top active ingredient is the Bulgarian Rose Otto - which delivers amazing ‘across the board’ results for a plethora of skin types and conditions due to the very high content of this highly prized essential oil. I’m not a fan of the term ‘anti-ageing’ as we are all going to age. Life is far too short to spend it obsessing about wrinkles!

On cleansing well

A well cleansed (but not stripped) skin is essential as the products you apply afterwards will be far more effective and you’ll also need to use less. I must point out that ‘squeaky clean’ is not part of the MV cleansing philosophy as stripping the skin either with alcohol or exfoliants causes trauma and over-stimulation, often resulting in sensitivity.

What’s next for MV?

At MV Skincare we are currently working on a shampoo that is not only for the hair but is a gentle all over body wash too. There will also be a conditioner for the hair.

I am spending more time in the US and the UK as the demand for both MV and my unique facial experience continues to grow.


From my wonderful and very dedicated team at MV and from reading about other inspirational people in the world doing amazing things for the human race and for the planet.


If I’m ever feeling glum or unmotivated I remind myself that I am fortunate to be here! I lost my best friend to ovarian cancer when she was 36.

Fave product

Rose Plus Booster – because it makes me smile

Top DIY beauty tip

Chamomile tea bags on tired or puffy eyes. Straight out of the fridge – they work every time!

Fave healthy food

Fresh raspberries!

Fave way to keep fit


Perfect day

My life is so hectic and so full that my perfect day would be a sleep in followed by my favourite T2 tea out on my balcony – knowing I have no work, no appointments, no commitments at all.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Caring for others selflessly. Embracing the beauty of ageing.


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