Recipe: Warming Health Elixir


Cold and tired? Broth, green powders, african berries, exotic plants, fancy tea, green coffee? Or, why not just salvage what would’ve gone into your bin instead and save some bucks? Here Simone Harding reveals how to make a Superfood Veggie Broth a.k.a Warming Health (& Inner Beauty!) Elixir.

Warming Health Elxir

There’s a new magical superfood health elixir in town and you’ve already got it in your fridge! You just won’t believe how great you feel after even a cup of this stuff. And you certainly won’t believe me when I tell you how to make it. Not only is it cheap, it’s practically free. I could even argue it costs you money not to make it!

It’s basically a tasty vegetable broth but makes for a great warming superfood drink to add to your day. I’d say you could replace your morning coffee with it, if I were trying to sell it to you, but I’m not. So just add it into your morning and see what a difference it makes! I get an instant lift from drinking this. My eyes and head feel clearer and my energy levels go up. It’s a great craving buster too.

I discovered this by accident one Saturday afternoon after unpacking my weekly vegetable shop. I looked around and the guilt hit me. So many organic vegetables. So much money! And so. much. waste! We don’t have a compost bin, chickens or rabbits. So what to do with all of the scraps?

It rarely occurs to people that vegetable scraps, are in fact edible. If we were in the wild, we’d be munching on everything… stalk, leaf, flower and all. But these days if its too brown, furry, tough or not as pretty as we’d like, it gets ditched. 

So, here is my very own Superfood Vegetable Broth. Made from your veggie scraps. You can honestly throw in anything which is what I do every week. I keep a constant supply of nori and dried shiitake mushrooms in my pantry though, so they go in every week. Plus garlic and onions. This adds to the flavour and increases the nutrients for good immune function.

Could something so good for you really be this cheap and easy? Why don’t you give it a try and let me know? Here’s what mine looks like…



It’s a bit of a gip to even write a recipe for this… You literally just put your vegetable scraps in a slow cooker and top it up with water. Leave it on for 12-24 hours on low. Drain and drink! Here’s a rough guide of what usually goes in mine though:

And each week I add…


*Store in the fridge and reheat on the stove. Season with salt, pepper and spices if desired. 

By Simone Harding - visit her food blog to find more healthy recipes like this:


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