5 Steps To Beach Ready


Be ready for summer with our top tips to not only look, but feel your best on the beach. Here we share our fave products for a beautiful bod, using only organic and cruelty-free ingredients that will care for your skin while enhancing your natural beauty.

1. Buffed & Beautiful

First things first, healthy skin needs regular cellular turnover. Help your skin stay youthful and fresh with a regular body buff. We recommend exfoliating in the shower every other day, with a natural granulated scrub, like Atom’s delectably aromatic Coffee Body Scrub. This is also an essential step to pre-tanning (faux tanning of course), to ensure an even glow.

2. Get Your Faux Tan On

A beautiful bronze tan is the perfect summer accessory. Not only does it make you look slimmer and more toned, but also looks beautiful when paired with bright summer fashions and beachwear. Our top pick has to be the new Bronze By La Mav Self Tan. When applying tanner, it’s best to start with your feet and work your way up. This technique will help you avoid streaks and creasing.

3. Hydrate & Care

A super luxe body oil will help to quench thirsty skin and give it a gorgeous summer sheen. For a detoxifying daily treat, we love Black Chicken's Love Your Body Oil packed full of high-quality essential oils to care for and stimulate skin repair. Apply post shower to damp skin for optimum absorption. Keeping skin moisturised will also help extend your faux tan

4. Protect Your Skin

When out and about be sure to wear a sunscreen. There is just no excuse to feel the burn! Eco By Sonya's new rosehip oil infused, untinted SPF 30 has added moisturising skincare benefits (with green tea, vitamin E and rosehip oil) and will help prevent the premature ageing caused by sun exposure. 

5. Be Ready To Glow

Viola - you are nearly ready to glow! But we also recommend nurturing your body from within through a beauty boosting supplement such as The Beauty Chef. With 26 skin-loving super foods, the brand's original delicious berry powder contains the powerhouse of nutrients the skin needs to be healthy and radiant. Rich in anti-oxidants, it also helps balance gut health and boost energy.


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