Beautiful Inside & Out: 5 Minutes With Emmily Banks


More than just an amazing eco-makeup artist, Emmily Banks is an all-round health and wellness advocate, founder of Depths Of Beauty, and on a mission to help us all detox our beauty routines and improve our overall wellbeing. She regularly hosts natural makeup masterclasses and speaks at educational events across the country. We caught up with her for her latest eco beauty tips.

Emmily Banks

Q. Which brands are you currently loving and why?

Two of my fave natural cosmetics brands are Inika and Ere Perez, they've both recently gone through some reformulation and are incredibly consistent when it comes to producing beautiful natural makeup that always performs. 

Q. Do you have an all-time favourite product, always in your makeup bag?

I don't leave the house without a tube of Weleda Skin Food - it's moisturiser, lip balm and highlighter all in one gorgeous natural and nourishing cream.

Q. We'd love to know your top 3 eco beauty tips:

1. Less is more! There are too many gorgeous girls out there hiding their natural beauty under layers of nasty cosmetics. Try to highlight, rather than hide your natural features with a few good quality products.

2. Highlight, highlight, highlightTry adding some natural highlighter or your favourite natural oil (jojoba will do the trick) to the cheekbones, tip of nose, cupid's bow and beneath the brow bone for a beauty, healthy glow.

3. Make sure you nourish your skin from the inside out and outside in. This means fuelling your body with lots of clean, fresh whole food and plenty of water. And making sure you only use products that will love your skin i.e. only natural and organic skincare and cosmetics that will support rather than strip your skin of it's natural goodness.

Q. What's your fave skin care essential for glowing skin?

Beauty always begins from within so when it comes to creating glow from the inside out, I can't recommend The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder highly enough. Its packed full of natural and organic superfoods that will nourish your insides so that your skin has everything it needs to radiate. 

Q. Staying healthy and active is a big part of your life, how do you like to keep fit?

I'm completely addicted to F45 training. Not only is it a brilliant full body workout but every workout is unique so I don't feel like I'm on repeat every day. 

Q.  What's your fave healthy food snack?

Activated nuts and seeds - not only are they super delicious but the activation process means they're easier to digest and have a higher nutritional value. 

Q. Your ultimate inner beauty tip?

My best detox tip is always hydration. It's super simple but one we also seem to forget. We should be cleansing our systems with a couple of litres of filtered water every day. 

Q. What's been the biggest challenge you've faced so far with DOB, and how have you overcome that?

I think my biggest challenge with Depths Of Beauty so far is trying to do too much all at once and overwhelming myself. I've been really blessed that the business has grown so quickly. But rapid growth also means I've had to become really good at prioritising and not overloading myself which is hard when there are so many incredible opportunities popping up everyday! However, I'm now really conscious that I need to put my wellbeing first and trust that everything will unfold in it's own time. 

Q. What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

I think a woman's warm energy, healthy radiance and feminine loving essence is what really makes her beautiful. I also believe this beautiful energy is often cultivated by nourishing our mind, body and soul with a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle. It's all about embracing the depths of beauty.


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