Makeup To Enhance Your Eye Colour


Choosing the right eyeshadow shades for your eye colour can be a revelation! We often need help with mascaras too as we have different preferences with formulas and finishes. Read our eye makeup guide below to find the natural makeup products best for you.

Colour Wheel

When choosing eyeshadow shades, it is all to do with Mother Nature's Colour Wheel as to what will suit you best. Go for whichever finish you prefer, though note shimmers are not very flattering for mature skin as they can sit in fine lines, and cream finishes will not last as long as powder if you have oily eyelids.

Cool Brown Eyes

Lucy Liu

Cool brown eyes looks lovely in silvers, blues, plums and greens.

Warm Brown Eyes

Jessica Alba 

Warm brown eyes look great in bronze, copper and red-tone shadows, as well as silver, gold and green.

Green Eyes

Rachel McAdams

Make others green with envy with purples and violet colours to maximise your beautiful eye colour. Pinks and silvers can also look lovely.

Blue Eyes

Reese Witherspoon

Make baby blues pop with warm golds, peaches, bronzes and browns. Plum is also lovely on blue eyes.

If you have grey eyes rather than blue, they'll look bluer when you wear grey eyeshadows! Purples and plums are also very flattering, and all the shades that green eyes (above) would wear.

Hazel Eyes 

Lucky you! Most shades will suit. But wear greys, mauves, aqua and pinks to really make the most of hazel eyes and to accentuate all the different colours in your iris.

Emma Stone


Use Lily Lolo's Eyeshadow Primer to help keep your eyeshadow in place.

Natural Mascaras

Some of our favourite natural mascaras include the following for different finishes:


W3ll People's Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara is best for volume and a dramatic finish, with multiple coats. The clump-free natural formula is a winner!


Lily Lolo Mascara gives gorgeous length and a buildable, but natural finish.


If you are looking for an organic mascara, INIKA Mineral Mascara is super pure and a great all-rounder.


Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara leaves lashes super luscious and glossy. They also do a Waterproof version ideal for beach and gym! 


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