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For anyone who thinks they can’t fit exercise into their busy schedule then you need to meet elite gymnast Lauren Hannaford who managed to fit in workouts around her busy touring schedule as a dancer with The Wiggles, even if it meant training beside the tour bus. To this day she will still manages to find time for a 15 minute session just to clear her head. The former National Vault Champion is also a qualified personal trainer, fitness model and gymnastics coach who has created her own interval style workouts focusing on strength and conditioning. She tells Beautiful Because what motivates her day-to-day.

Lauren Hannaford

On feeling centred

Exercise! Exercise is a massive relief whether it’s to centre myself, stay calm, to release stress or prevent stress from occurring. Exercise always puts me in a positive and vibrant mind frame. I like to train hard but sometimes that can be hard to keep up every single day, so even if I am feeling a bit tired from the day before I will just make sure I do a quick 15 minutes at home or get outside and go for a walk to get some fresh air.

Typical daily routine

My day varies between what I am doing and the timing. Whether it be personal training, interviews, events, travelling or blogging, my fitness regime is the one thing I do always try to make consistent. Whether I can fit in a full training session or just a quick 15 minute metabolism starter I will always do something because it’s good for my brain. I am far more alert and energised if I get my body moving.


I always remind myself of how good and energised I feel once I have got myself moving and the blood pumping throughout my body. Once you break past that 10 minute barrier then you have completely forgotten all about not wanting to do anything and are completely focused on achieving a great sweat session.


From everyone else’s inspiration and desire to feel good and live a happy and healthy life.
Seeing people on Instagram and through social media striving to live healthy and fit lives no matter their age or level of fitness inspires me day to day. I get so many messages from others saying how I inspire them and motivate them to get moving each day but what they don't realise is that it is their fitness journeys that inspire me.

Night person

Ever since I was little I would always procrastinate about going to bed, I guess some things never change. Having said that though, I am pretty good in the morning if I need to be up. I work better on about six hours sleep or less. I know that I am more alert on less otherwise I'm just lethargic. My body works at such a high level of energy I am up and at it morning or night really.

Go-to healthy snack

Bananas! I always need to make sure I have a banana in the morning whether it’s before or after a workout, it’s just one of those staple things I feel better all day for having. I tend to vary what I eat, whether it’s fruit, veggies, nuts or protein I just make sure I graze throughout the day.


I love doing interval bodyweight training! Mixing cardio with gymnastics exercises and all over bodyweight exercises is what makes me feel good every single time. I try to train everyday but sometimes it can be hard to do it every day with the level that I train at. If my body is saying leave me alone, let me rest then I need to listen to it.


I love to travel so that is definitely my number one. In recent years when I was working with The Wiggles we travelled far and wide all over the world. Of course you have your favourite destinations but I have loved every place I have been to, because with every place comes a different experience and story! I actually quite enjoy writing. I don’t do it very often because my energy or attention span doesn’t allow me to sit still for very long but in the moments where I am writing, I really enjoy it.

Perfect day

My ideal day would be to wake up next to my boyfriend, Simon, have a Nespresso together before we go for a run to Bondi or run into Coogee to go to the gym. Do a solid workout and then have a delicious breakfast afterwards to regain some energy. Then just potter around for the day together and get a few things done if we need to before finishing the day with a delicious dinner and watching some Real housewives of... somewhere?! A day with Simon is a day well spent, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Beauty is…

People who have the ability to be themselves and be honest about their feelings. When you see genuine, raw, honest feeling coming out of someone it allows you to really see their beauty in every way.

Beauty tips

Do your research! If you are someone who is wearing makeup every day make sure it is right for your skin. If you are conscious about how you feed your insides, then it’s only fair you treat the outside the same way.

Lauren is known for her inspiring and intrepid images on Instagram and you can find her at @lozhannaford, visit her website for more info laurenhannaford.com.au

Daily rituals of healthy people is a guest series from Wallflower Wisdom blogger Rachael Gavin. For more interviews like this, visit wallflowerwisdom.com/tag/daily-rituals


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