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As a qualified nutritionist and naturopath, Kasey Willson practices what she preaches by grounding herself in nature, using natural and organic products and making exercise and relaxation a part of her day. She helps others achieve their health and happiness goals both at her Adelaide clinic and through her blog and online program, Vibrant Women Challenge. She tells Beautiful Because how she stays healthy.

Kasey Willson

On feeling centred

My favourite way to centre myself is to spend time pottering in my herb and veggie patch. No matter how busy or stressful my day has been, I find the calm I desire by being outside, walking barefoot in my garden. As adrenal fatigue is something I have experienced in the past (when I hit the party girl scene), I now place great importance on nurturing practises such as adequate sleep, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, dry body brushing and Epsom salt baths.

Typical daily routine

Each day is different for me, but generally I’ll wake between 5-6.30am and start my day with lemon water. I follow this with coconut oil pulling, while I ground myself on the back lawn and head out to my garden. Here I will take in the beautiful morning, breathe the fresh, crisp morning air and pick some greens to include in my brekkie and lunch. Other mornings, when I head to hot yoga, it’s much more rushed, as I’m out the door soon after 5am.

I receive fortnightly chiropractic adjustments and supplement my nourishing primal-inspired diet, with some key nutrients including cod liver oil, probiotics, activated B vitamins and Glutathione support. I dry body brush daily and aim to fit in a relaxing Epsom salt bath once a week.  My day ends with meditation and reading, to help promote calm and relaxation, before bed.


DESIRE! I have goals written and vision boards to inspire and motivate me to see, believe, feel and achieve what I want to for that day, week, month and year. Among these is my passion to help others. Being a naturopath and nutritionist, I have the amazing job of improving the health of others. This is a major motivator for me! Sure there are times when I feel like ‘just being’ and I make sure that I listen to my body and rest when needed. Even though I am very driven to achieve my goals, I am always present in each moment. Happiness after all is attainable NOW.


To create my vision boards and goals, I check into what feelings I want to experience. I will include these words along with images, which represent these feelings, where I will see and read them daily. I also have a list of my values, strengths and what I have gratitude for on my bathroom mirror. I read these to myself daily, which helps secure self-confidence and inspiration to take on my goals.

Morning person

Although a lot of my ideas come to me at night, usually while meditating, I certainly function better in the morning. I prefer seeing patients earlier in the day and will aim to schedule in work projects during this time as well. I find that if I rise earlier, I have more motivation to work out, I will be much more productive at work and feel more energised throughout the day. This helps me gain a more restful night’s sleep, which is hugely important for me personally, to function well again the next day.

Go-to healthy snack

To be honest, I really aim to rotate my foods as much as possible. I see many initial patients in clinic who eat limited variety of foods and begin to show intolerances towards them. I encourage eating a variety of local, seasonal and as much as possible, fresh and organic foods. I do have a love for coconut oil, which I will cook with and add to smoothies. It has incredible health giving properties as an immune protective, energy enhancer and support for the thyroid gland as well as being rich in antioxidants.

Kasey Willson

Daily Beauty Routine

I will cleanse my face with water in the mornings, moisturise with organic skin care products and use mineral makeup if I am heading out for the day.  I apply a lip balm that includes soothing beeswax, cacao butter and vitamin E.

I dry body brush daily at night, before I have a shower. This helps to remove dead skin cells, and promote blood and lymph circulation. I try to finish my shower on cold, to really stimulate the blood flow and enhance skin health.  I use a natural soap made of olive oil on my body and use a face scrub with some coconut oil, as a facial cleanser.

Coconut oil is my body moisturiser and I also use a very light application of Emu oil, coconut oil or rosehip oil around my eyes, before bed.

I don't use much makeup, but love INIKA Mineral Bronzer.


Over the week, exercise for me includes a power plate class, 1-2 hot yoga classes and 2-3 backyard ‘high intensity, short duration’ (HIIT) sessions. I love the variety these exercises offer, and find they help me to increase my cardio fitness, flexibility, enhance circulation and detoxification, as well as tone muscles.

With exception to my hour hot yoga class (which includes meditation and stretching), I find keeping my workouts to 30 mins max, helps with motivation levels, increasing intensity throughout the workout and giving me an energised feeling afterwards. Long workouts can be taxing on the body’s vulnerable adrenal glands, so I find it is so important to listen to your body during and after work-outs.


My downtime includes pottering in my herb and veggie garden, creating tasty and nutritious meals in my kitchen, spending time with family and friends over nourishing home cooked meals, or at local organic cafes. All of these things make me feel good about myself and help to nurture my adrenal glands, amongst the busyness of work life. I also love to travel and I’m also super excited about an upcoming foodie trip to France with my Mum.

Perfect day

Waking naturally, grounding time in my garden, soaking up the sunshine, yoga class, a meal at a local organic café, afternoon beach walk, massage and a romantic dinner cooked by my husband. Perfect!

All of that and giving my wonderful Vibrant Woman Challenge Members support as they make their way to achieving their personal health goals.

Beauty is…

I believe natural beauty includes embracing your body in its natural self and living naturally to support it. Eating local, organic, wholefoods; using products you know the ingredients of, that came from nature and not produced in a lab; being kind to yourself with positive thoughts; allowing your body adequate rest; smiling and laughing often.

Beauty tips

As a naturopath and nutritionist, I promote a nutritious diet, to encourage healthy skin. In my Vibrant Woman Challenge, I chat about skin health and the importance of fats. Among crucial nutrients for healthy glowing skin, are your essential fats - Omega 3 and 6. As the westernised diet is very high in Omega 6’s (through the staple consumption of grain products), more emphasis is needed on omega 3’s. They should be at a ratio of 1:1.

Fish, like wild caught salmon, sardines, anchovies and mackerel are clean sources of Omega 3’s, as are leafy greens, walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and grass fed meats. Aim to include one of these omega 3 rich foods in your daily diet, to enhance the health of your skin.

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