Natural Ways To Clean Your Makeup Brushes


We often get asked what are the best natural methods to keep makeup brushes clean, so asked pro eco makeup artist Emmily Banks her favourite ways to cleanse, disinfect and care for all types of makeup brushes.

Option 1: Natural Shampoo, Cleaning Solution or Brush Cleanser

Natural shampoos and cleaning liquids are ultimately designed to clean and disinfect hair while removing excess oily residue.


• Natural liquid formula

• Warm water


1. Simply wash under hot water with drop of chosen natural liquid and massage until water runs clear.

2. Press brush into a clean towel to remove excess water and sit flat on towel to dry in warm area.

Option 2: Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender

All of these ingredients are fabulous natural house hold cleaning agents, they disinfect, have anti-fungal properties and help to break down oil and dirt like no other... Oh, and they're cheap as carrot sticks!

Lavender Oil


• 1 cup of warm water (in a bowl)

• 6 drops tea tree oil (disinfects, reduces bacteria, is anti-fungal and anti-viral)

• 3 drops lavender oil (soothes, disinfects, reduces bacteria, provides a calming scent)

• A few dashes of vinegar (natural antiseptic and helps to remove oils and dirt)


1. Mix all ingredients above into a bowl

2. Massage brushes with liquid until all residue removed

3. Rinse under warm water and lightly squeeze excess water out into a towel, then sit in dry warm area to dry

*Please note, measurements don't need to be exact. You could purely use vinegar and warm water, or tea tree and warm water. Lavender is optional.

HOT TIP - Make your own spray bottle with above ingredients and spray brushes daily to refresh and disinfect!

Option 3: Olive Oil and Castille Soap

Castille soap is a natural liquid made with vegetable ingredients, mainly olive oil. This is similar to option 1, using washing liquids, etc... although you're adding the step of "pre-cleaning and conditioning" with pure olive oil (more important with real hair brushes, not so much with synthetic brushes).


• Small bowl of olive oil

• Castille soap and warm water


1. Place brush stems into olive oil, lightly massage and press onto a paper towel to remove residue

2. Wash brushes under hot water with a drop of castille soap until water runs clear

3. Press onto towel to remove excess water and allow to dry in a warm area

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