Daily Rituals: Retreat Founder Georgie White


Passionate about travel, the outdoors and holistic living, Georgie White founded Ocean Soul Retreat in Bali to help women relax, learn new skills and find balance. Her path to clean living and holistic living was sparked by a trip to the emergency room following an allergic reaction in her twenties. Five years ago she sought to re-evaluate her life and went travelling. It was while on that journey she took part in a Bali surf retreat. She loved it so much she stayed and spent a year working in Bali. Also a yogi, Georgie qualified as a yoga teacher while living in New York. She tells Beautiful Because what makes her tick.

Georgie White

On feeling centred

Taking time to pause, be still and focus on my breath and still my mind is key.  I am a Gemini and a quick mover, so I have a constant internal battle to slow things down.

Typical daily routine

Upon waking I ground myself in the morning by placing my feet on the floor and doing a little visualisation.   I then do a few sun salutations to get the body moving and then I am ready to start my day.


I think about how good I will feel after I have finished, that is usually enough to get me moving.


Listening to music, being amongst nature and talking to people, which is my favourite, as it gets my mind stimulated and I love bouncing ideas back and forth with someone.

Night person

I love the mornings and rising early, however, I get in the habit of being a night owl as my frenetic energy has slowed by the evenings and I find it easier to be still, hence get through the to do list. 

Go-to healthy snack

I love a morning juice or smoothie to start the day.  Then I always carry a nut mix with me to snack in between my meals, I don’t like being out and about and not being able to access healthy food!

Beauty routine

I cleanse morning and night, moisturise in the morning and a serum and moisturiser in the evenings.


I love beach walks, surfing, yoga, horseriding, tennis. How much or what do you need to do daily to feel good?  A walk on the beach in the morning and daily yoga makes me feel great!

Ocean Soul Retreat Bali


I love to travel and explore new places and meet new people.

Perfect day  

Get up at sunrise and go surfing in warm water! Then follow that with a delicious healthy breakfast. Catch up with family and friends over lunch and dinner, followed by some live music – oh and a yoga session in between!

Beauty is…

Kindness, compassion and understanding

Beauty tips

Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep and try to manage stress levels!

Daily rituals of healthy people is a guest series from Wallflower Wisdom blogger Rachael Gavin. For more interviews like this visit wallflowerwisdom.com/tag/daily-rituals


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