Daily Rituals: Eco Warrior Maria Hannaford


Eco warrior, Maria Hannaford, is passionate about sustainable living believing it is not only beneficial to the environment but our health and happiness as well. Her lifestyle blog, The Society Co. includes everything from recipes, mindfulness and toxin free living. She lives by the beach on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria with her husband, dog and three chickens. She spoke to Beautiful Because about what gets her through the day.

Maria Hannaford

On feeling centred

I practice mindfulness throughout the day. No matter what my day consists of, I focus only on what I’m doing at the present moment. It means I don’t miss a detail or sap my energy worrying about the past or future.

Typical daily routine

The only routine I have is a cup of hot coffee in bed with my husband every morning. It gives us a precious window of time to sit together, connect and contemplate the day ahead. The rest of the day is anyone’s guess.


I remind myself that thoughts influence actions and actions influence thoughts.


Nature is my biggest inspiration. I do my best to spend time outdoors every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. I spend the time looking at everything around me, soaking up nature’s colour palette, the bird songs, the movement of water (if I’m lucky enough to be at my local beach). It makes me want to contribute something beautiful to this amazing world we live in.

Morning person

I go full speed ahead in the morning, then I drag myself around a little during the middle of the day, then I’m full speed again at night. Perhaps it’s my Mediterranean (siesta-loving) heritage coming into play. I’ve learnt to save the tasks that demand more creativity for the middle of the day, so I have motivation to get through it!

Go-to healthy snack

Only because coffee isn’t considered a health food, I’m going to say fresh fruit. I eat 2 pieces a day and it always perks me up. I think it’s because fruit tastes so good.

Beauty routine

I’m fastidious about only using very basic, natural ingredients on my skin. I cleanse with a 100% olive oil cleanser and moisturise with plant oils, usually jojoba. I do like to wear a little mascara but again this is an almond oil based product.


I’m a big believer in incidental exercise. Unless I’m in the office, I keep myself moving pretty much all day. I’m either walking places, gardening, cooking or DIY-ing at home (we’re in the midst of a renovation). I have to go on at least a 20-minute walk every day to feel human.


Hunting for treasures in the great outdoors. I’ll often head to the beach to comb for beautiful shells or to the bush for feathers and fallen nests. I’m working on my collection of curiosities all the time.

Perfect day

Morning coffee in bed with my husband; breakfast by the sea; long walk down the coast hunting for treasures; cooking up a gourmet dinner then curling up by the fire with a good book and a glass of vino. Maybe watching a French film too.

Beauty is…

A kind heart, a sense of humour.

Beauty tips

Ditch synthetic creams, your skin will thank you for it. Do something you love every day, the joy you’ll feel will shine through and make your skin glow.

Daily rituals of healthy people is a guest series from Wallflower Wisdom blogger Rachael Gavin. For more interviews like this visit wallflowerwisdom.com

By Nina Weston


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