3 Reasons to try La Mav's Self Tan Dry Oil


We believe you will agree that self-tanning should be hassle-free. For those of you who want to glow all year round, La Mav has created a product that takes sunless tanning to a whole new level – not only is the product easy to use & apply, but it also comes with heaps of added skin benefits (think of it and an anti-ageing tanning elixir for your skin). If you want to find out more about what makes La Mav’s Self Tan Dry Oil so special, read on.

The Perfect Sun-kissed Glow

All-over natural-looking tan, with no staining, no fuss, no “fake tan” smell, no drying time – and no wash-off required? Yes, please!

The light formula of the Self Tan Dry Oil gets absorbed immediately, without leaving any residue on the surface of the skin (therefore won’t stain your clothes/sheets). The tan develops within 4-6 hours, giving you a beautiful golden glow that catches the light and makes your complexion look fresh and radiant. The Self Tan Dry Oil can be used on the face and body, allowing you to achieve a gorgeous sheen from head-to-toe, with one product only – the perfect budget-friendly buy that will save you time and effort.

A Potent Cocktail of Bio-Active Ingredients

La Mav’s Self Tan Dry Oil is not just a regular self-tanner. The advanced formula of the product contains hydrating and nourishing bio-active ingredients that protect, replenish and moisturize the skin to improve its overall condition. Argan oil heals the skin and prevents premature ageing, thanks to the high content of vitamin A, C, E and F. Macadamia oil restores moisture levels and helps counteract dullness and dryness. Green Tea extract contains polyphenols that calm and soothe the skin and reduce the negative effects of oxidative stress.

The Healing Benefits of Magnesium

Apart from all amazing anti-ageing organic bio-active ingredients, the Self Tan Dry Oil also contains magnesium – essential mineral that enhances the synthesis of collagen and elastin, keeping your skin smooth, firm and toned. Some other benefits of magnesium include:

Note: According to research, up to 90% of oral Magnesium supplementation is destroyed in the gut prior to absorption. This makes magnesium delivered through the skin incredibly effective and preferred over oral supplements - yet another reason to give this organic self-tanner a go.

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By Joanne Musgrave


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