Pro Picks: Makeup Artist Emmily Banks


Eco Makeup Artist Emmily Banks uses only the finest natural makeup in her kit, everyday, and has made it her mission to seek out the best natural formulas to use on her long-list of clients, which includes brides, models and celebs alike. She needs products to perform, that are gentle and long-lasting. We couldn't wait to discover her fave items from Beautiful Because and why she loves them so.

Eco Makeup Artist Emmily Banks

Inika Organic Liquid Foundation

This is hands down, my favourite foundation for creating dewy, radiant skin. It gives light to medium coverage and always looks super natural and flawless! It’s also one of the healthiest foundations on the market, using high quality organic ingredients that are super nourishing for the skin!

Ere Perez Bronzers and Blush

I love the Ere Perez compact bronzers and blush rice powders… I love that all compacts come in duo’s, meaning you have two colour options! They are really well pigmented and come in both matte colours for contouring or shimmer pigment for creating a bronzed glow.

W3ll People Mascara

Amazing natural mascara that helps thicken lashes to the max! The formula doesn’t irritate the eyes in the slightest and it also has long staying power. I LOVE the long thin brush applicator too, it's seriously the best for applying mascara on both top and bottom lashes!

Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eyeshadow Palette

The only natural eyeshadow makeup palette in Australia (that I can find) that has 8 amazing colours in one palette! The colours are fabulous, they range from matte to shimmer and have great pigment, plus they’re so affordable too! I LOVE THEM!

La Mav BB Cream

This BB cream is awesome for the warmer months when spending your days outside in the sun. It’s great for everyday wear as it provides natural spf protection, is super moisturising and also gives great coverage - so it can be used in place of a foundation. It only comes in one colour though, so it’s mainly suited for those with medium to darker skin.

Mukti Organics – Balancing Moisturiser

This moisturiser is super light, great for daily wear and those with oil prone skin. It smells DIVINE, is full of nourishing organic (97% certified organic!!) ingredients to soothe, heal and protect the skin. It sinks it really quickly, leaving no oily residue... and did I mention the scent is heavenly? You can honestly smell the quality of the soothing, calming essential oils in this moisturiser!

If you would like to get Emmily's advice on which products are best for you, or book in for a makeover visit her contact page.

By Nina Weston


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