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Did you know the right brow shape for your face is like having a (natural) face lift!? But most of us don't know how to shape or care for our brows in the best way. Sonia Petrevski is a brow artist using the latest techniques to create natural-looking brows, including for those with hair loss. With an impressive client list that includes celebs, brides and business women alike, she tailors her brow sessions to suit each individual and also advises on how to care and style your brows at home. I caught up with her at the launch of her Sydney salon, located in The Rocks, Sydney, to find out more.

Sonia Petrevski

Why are beautiful brows so important?

Eyebrows are so important as they frame your face and features. At time we take them for granted or don’t understand how important they are to our overall appearance.  Having the correct brow shape and thickness for our face shape and features gives us a more even, balanced and youthful look. Eyebrows really can either make or break your entire look!

Big brows are in fashion but do they suit everyone?

No they don’t suit everyone. Each individual has their own unique look, structure and face shape which the brows should perfectly frame and enhance. It may be on trend, but not everyone can pull off a big, bold brow like Cara Delevinge.

What do you suggest for different face shapes?

Square Faces like Katie Holmes, suit a wider brow but not to totally override your eye area. The arch of Katie's brows are aligned with the widest angle of her jaw to balance out her strong jaw line.

Round Faces, for example Fergie, suit a high arched brow, which gives her a more oval look and opens up her eyes vertically to elongate her face.

Long Faces, like the sexy Sarah Jessica Parker, are recommended to have more flat and straighter shaped brows. This brow shape gives the illusion of a wider face shape.

Heart Shaped Faces, like Reece Witherspoon, suits a round arched brow shape to help soften her pointed chin.

Oval Faces, such as Jessica Biel, are well-proportioned and balanced so can pull off a wide variety of brow shapes.

What do you recommend for people with sparse eyebrow hair?

Put those tweezers down and let your natural brow hair grow back! Seek the help of a professional Brow Stylist to look after them every 4-6 weeks. You can help speed up the process of hair growth with an essential oil like castor oil, or a medical-grade prescribed treatment such as Rogaine. Micro-feathering can also be great for those with permanent hair loss or very sparse brows.

What is Micro-feathering?

The Micro-feather technique is a semi-permanent tattoo application that is lightly stroked on the top layer of the skin with tiny angled needles and colour pigmentation. It can last up to, or more than, a year depending on each individual skin type and after care.  

The micro strokes are replicated hair strokes tattooed in the same direction of existing hair growth, if any, or a whole new brow can be created for clients who have suffered hair loss due to stress, after cancer treatment, alopecia or who have just had a bad brow treatment.  It’s natural looking, brand new eyebrows that no longer need pencilling in each morning.

How do brow extensions work?

Brow extensions are tiny delicate hairs that are applied by using safe, skin sensitive adhesive.  They are applied to the existing brow hair or skin to build a whole new brow for the client.  It is a delicate treatment that can last up to 10 days; it's so natural that no one will even notice you have had them done!

Should we ever darken or lighten our brows?

You should darken your brows if you are very fair or blonde, as it'll help bring out your brow hairs and enhance your features, go that extra 2 or 3 shades darker – brows are not meant to be hidden.

Lighten your brows only if you have gone darker in your hair colour and you want to drop down a shade or two in your brows, to give a more softer look.  

What are your top tips for DIY brow care?

I’ve seen many DIY eyebrow disasters and now my advice is to firstly book in a session with an experienced Brow Specialist who can advise you on when and what to pluck, and the in-between growth stages of a brow. Knowing how to shade in spare areas of eyebrow to create a fuller, softer and more defined shape can be invaluable and make such a difference to your look. Once you get the hang of how to groom them, beautiful brows are better than makeup!

What other beauty treatments do you offer?

Apart from looking after all aspects of brow styling, I also do lash lifting and tinting to compliment and enhance the eyes.  Lash lifting is a gorgeous natural way to lift your very own lashes from the root up, curling and giving the illusion of longer lashes. This treatment can last up to 8 weeks, and I also include a tint to make those lashes stand out. Who needs a lash curler or extensions when you can experience a lash lift, the natural way?

Sonia has salons in both Sydney (Billich Gallery, The Rocks) and Melbourne (Toorak Road, South Yarra). Visit her facebook page: to find out more.  She is offering Beautiful Because readers a 10% discount on ALL her Beauty Services, this June.

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By Nina Weston


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