Top 5 Natural Beauty Tips for Fall


Post-summer our skin and hair can be in need of some TLC after months of sun and sea exposure. Keep your body beautiful and happy from head-to-toe this Autumn with our top 5 natural beauty tips.

Autumn Beauty Tips

1. Skin Repair

Repair sun damage with a potent, anti-oxidant rich serum containing vitamins A and C, as well as omegas 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, to assist collagen production and increase skin elasticity. Some key ingredients to look out for include our native Kakadu Plum (one of the richest sources of Vitamin C in the world!), rosehip oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, rosemary, sea buckthorn and vitamin E. We have some amazing anti-ageing skin ranges at BB, in particular, Mukti's Age Defiance range contains potent bio-active cosmeceutical peptides for age-defying results. Below are some of my anti-ageing picks:

Treating your skin to a weekly face mask can also benefit certain concerns such as wrinkles, dehydration or congestion.

2. Body TLC

Exfoliate skin once a week with a nourishing natural formula. This will remove the remnants of any natural tan you have, but also kick start cellular repair, soften and add vitality to the skin. Vanessa Megan's new "Love Scrub" contains sea salt and a combination of essential oils to treat your skin; you'll feel and smell like you've just walked out a spa treatment! While, La Mav's Coffee Bean Scrub is great for helping also reduce the appearance of cellulite. Finish your body TLC with a moisturising natural oil such as jojoba.

3. Healthy Tan

We cannot help naturally catching the sun in Australia, but it can be so damaging to our skin – dehydration and premature wrinkles aside, over-exposure can also cause skin cancer. If you like to be a bronzed beauty a healthier option is a natural self-tanner. Ideal for the cooler months if you are looking a bit pasty and in need of a pick-up is Eco Tan's Winter Skin. The gradual tanner is all natural and the gorgeous bronze tone is derived from cacao. Nourishing and conditioning cares for your skin while adding a gorgeous golden glow. Remember to exfoliate before applying.

4. Radiant Beauty

Although you may no longer need the heavy zinc-oxide sunscreens of summer, we must always protect are skin from UV in Australia. Opt for a lightweight tinted moisturiser, BB Cream or mineral powder for a natural finish. Very trendy at the moment is highlighted, luminous skin, get this look from Madara Sunflower or Moonflower tinted moisturiser, La Mav BB Cream and Inika Liquid Foundation. You can also mix a little liquid highlight, such as Inika Light Reflect in with your regular foundation. Vitamin E Oil can also be worn alone or under foundation for a gorgeous glow.

5. Hair Care

Sun and sea can leave hair dry and damaged. Use the cooler months to nurture it back to health. Argan and coconut oils are gorgeous leave-in softening treatments, that also protect hair. Rahua also have a gorgeous Omega 9 Mask to soften and restore locks to a vision of lustrous health. Ease off the styling treatments and allow your hair a chance to recover. Regular hair cuts will also help keep hair in optimum health.

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