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ACURE Organics are leading the way in affordability, sustainability and performance and living up to their motto – Acure for your skin and Acure for the planet. Beautiful Because were super excited to interview president Amy Halman to find out more about this groundbreaking natural beauty brand from the US.

Amy Halman

How did ACURE Organics come to be? 

ACURE was initiated after Kristy Guerra watched her grandmother struggle with breast cancer for over 10 years. She felt compelled to find a more dynamic way to raise awareness… What better way than from the sales of clean products! Since then, it has become so much more.  Clean formulation is imperative but efficacy must be there as well. Jon Guerra’s perspective, as ACURE’s CEO and formulator, was that it’s not enough to be natural if the product doesn’t work…we have to find both. As the esthetician and co-creator in product development for ACURE, I approach skin care and treatment by respecting the skin as your largest organ and greatest ally for whole body health. Feeding it as properly as you would feed your body internally is the only way to truly optimise the skin. This combination of efforts commits us to creating personal care that steers people away from harmful components, allowing them to discover that you don't have to sacrifice your health for beautiful skin.

Which was the first product launched?

The first product ACURE launched was the Brightening Facial Scrub. We actually launched with skin care first and then hair care launched a bit over a year later.  The two categories were always planned to launch together but it took a bit longer than expected to create a natural shampoo and conditioner that truly outperformed the most loved conventional shampoos and conditioners on the market. It was well worth the wait!

Your products are a great price point, how is this possible with such high-quality ingredients?

It is a conscious decision we make as a company. We are committed to the creation of formulas that are as healthy and natural as possible without sacrificing efficacy, but also staying affordable so that everyone can have access to healthy, effective personal care, not just someone who can afford an $80 moisturiser. Our ingredients are no less quality or less expensive – just the opposite. We find many ways to shave off excess cost by avoiding needless packaging and marketing that is commonly piled into the price point with other brands. Plus, as we grow, so do our manufacturing runs. We can buy ingredients and materials in higher quantity with better cost and we love to pass that along to the customer!

How do you incorporate science into your skin care?

Ingredients are always selected first and foremost by paying attention to how the body and skin actually work.  We never look for ingredients as the “next new trend.” It’s so much more about clinically proven efficacy that is actually natural, healthy, supportive and proactive to the skin and body at the same time.

We incorporate cutting edge plant technology along with things that you would find on the supplement shelf, for clinically proven efficacy…ingredients like CGF (commonly found in super green formulas), CoQ10, Probiotics, EFA’s and target plant stem cells. These things work to get at what’s breaking down in the skin in the first place versus using synthetic and possibly toxic ingredients – that simply try to cover damage already done and, over time, just make the health of your skin worse.

Argan oil makes up the basis of many of your formulas, why?

Argan oil is definitely one of the cornerstone ingredients of our product line. Ours is completely unrefined, 100% cold pressed, first pressing of the plant. This ensures the full potency of the oil to deliver beneficial essential fatty acids, proteins, and Vitamin E to the skin, body and hair. Argan oil’s naturally high concentration of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids work to alleviate dry skin and rough patches, fade scars, and minimise fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention help with blemishes and congestion. Essential fatty acids protect cellular integrity and affect cell fluidity, helping to prevent loss of moisture from the skin. For the hair, argan oil provides shine, moisture and helps restore elasticity.

How is ACURE giving back to the earth?

Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. We use 70% post-consumer recycled materials and plant-based inks but even more importantly, our formula are 100% biodegradable so that it flushes down the drain clean and doesn’t contaminate the soil and waterways.

We also are a premier sponsor for Teens Turning Green, a student run organisation that is all about helping a younger consumer make the shift from conventional to conscious so that they are making healthier, more sustainable choices and teaching their peers, family members and communities to do the same.

ACURE also proudly supports Trees for the Future, and and 5Gyres. Each time a body lotion is sold, one tree is planted with Trees for the Future. 10 cents for every hair care item sold goes to, creating accessible, safe water supplies in developing countries and envisioning the day when everyone in the world can take a safe drink of water.  In addition to financial contribution, we have supplied the crew of the 5Gyres expeditions with biodegradable personal care and have committed 1% of the proceeds from our Brightening Facial Scrub to their Beat the Microbead campaign, which raises awareness of plastic microbeads in common personal care products and their impact on our oceans.

Your favourite product at the moment:

It’s so hard to choose but I love our Oil-Control Facial Moisturiser the most.  It contains lilac plant stem cell to naturally regulate hydration (dehydration is the common cause of excess oil secretion) and is clinically proven to reduce acne lesions by 40% in 30 days, without stripping or drying like benzoyl peroxide or alcohol. It also contains CGF (chlorella growth factor), which feeds natural collagen expression while protecting and encouraging optimal cellular regeneration and current collagen resources. A much more functional and compassionate way to feed problematic skin, morning and night.

Top hair care tips for stressed hair:

Top anti-ageing skincare tips:

Ultimate beauty tip:

Using an oil like Argan or Marula as a pre-cleanse before washing your face – 3-4 pumps of oil massaged into the face, neck and chest, including the eyes, breaks up make-up, excess oil and dead skin cells. Follow with your favourite cleanser and it’s the deepest cleanse you’ll ever have! It leaves your glowing and moisture-balanced. It’s my favourite step in my nighttime routine.

Favourite healthy food:

I love a bit of protein but it’s always a side portion compared to a huge bowl of organic veggies. My favourite is to cut up a few leaves of kale, butternut squash, brocollinni and cauliflower, toss in a steamer pot until the leaves are bright green and slightly soft, then mix with about 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil, Celtic or Himalayan sea salt and about 1/3 cup of sprouted pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Sometimes I’ll add in raw coconut flakes too!

Favourite way to keep fit:

Nothing feels better for my body and mind than a brisk 40-minute walk. I love when I can start or end my day that way.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Everyone contributes something unique and important, even if it’s simply being present in the room without saying a word. The person that carries that confident awareness, is always undeniably beautiful.

What’s next for ACURE Organics?

Growth! We have so many amazing relationships with our retail partners and our super fun and loyal customers so we keep tweaking and expanding in order to continue to create more to meet their demands.  We are launching an ACURE Baby Care line this summer and a lovely new SPF 30 that is an air powered continuous spray!

Visit our ACURE Organics page to shop products or find out more. Some popular products include those featured below:

By Nina Weston


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