Tips & Tricks: Inika Light Reflect Highlighter


To celebrate our gift with purchase for March 2015, here's a little about the best ways to use INIKA Light Reflect Highlighting Creme, which is currently free with every INIKA Truly Organic Liquid Foundation purchase. 

INIKA Light Reflect Creme

Now highlighters can be a little daunting and messy, but this handy little lotion is more than just your average highlighter, and I think every woman should have one in her makeup bag! It can be used to add radiance to the face, chisel cheekbones and more, and its light-reflecting mineral pigments ensure it's very flattering. Better still, it's made from all natural, healthy ingredients to truly nourish skin while working its magic. The liquid formulation makes it super versatile, and can be used in the following ways:


For that dewy and luminous, model-worthy finish, mix 1/4 Light Reflect Highlighting Creme with 3/4's INIKA Truly Organic Liquid Foundation. The best way to apply your liquid foundation and Light Reflect mix, is actually using a blush brush or just your hands – blend the two together in the palm of your hands and apply like a moisturiser to whole face. The light-reflecting mineral properties of this product means it can help diminish the appearance of wrinkles, when applied to the face. 

Eyes & Brow Bones

Add a little highlight to your eyelids and underneath your brow bone, with your fingertips or a concealer brush. You can also apply it to inner corners of your eyes to brighten and enhance.

It also makes a great eyeshadow primer, helping to prolong wear and create an even canvas with a little extra shimmer.

Cheeks and Highlight

After applying your foundation, apply a little Light Reflect to your cheekbones to create highlight. You can also apply to the sides of the nose to refine features.

Cupid's Bow

Define your Cupid's bow (curve of the upper lid, below your nose) by adding a little with a concealer brush or your fingertips.

In short, there is not one area of the face this incredibly versatile product can not work its magic on!

Visit our INIKA brand page for more information about the certified organic, mineral makeup range.

By Nina Weston


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