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Fabian Lliguin is a renowned American hair stylist and founder of Rahua Amazon Haircare; a sustainable beauty brand that uses rainforest grown ingredients to transform locks into a vision of radiant health. We couldn’t wait to find out more about his innovative range and how it came to be.

Rahua Haircare - Fabian and Anna

Fabian and Anna – founders of Rahua

How were you first shown the hair benefits of Rahua oil?

I was on an environmental mission deep in the Amazon forest and I saw in the distance a group of woman from the Quechua ­Shuar tribe, with very long hair approaching me.  When they arrived, I was astonished by the length and health of their beautiful manes. Naturally, as a hairdresser, I asked them for their secret and it was then that they introduced me to the Rahua nut. 

How was the oil stored by the women in the Quechua­ Shuar tribe?

They usually stored Rahua oil inside a clay pot called a "mokawa" and covered the pot with a special leaf, kept away in the shade.

Amazon Hair Combs

Amazon Hair Combs used by the tribeswomen

Why did you decide to launch Rahua Haircare?

I was giving Rahua oil treatments to my clients at my salon in New York City and many of them asked me to make shampoo and more products for them, so I did!

What sets Rahua apart from other luxury haircare brands?

In the Rahua hair care line, we use the best and most effective natural ingredients available today. We keep it simple. All of our products work for all hair types and ethnicities.

Most luxury products need multiple skus (for example: one per each type of hair).  With  some brands,  it takes a  while  to find your hair match whereas with Rahua the find is instantaneous.

How does Rahua oil work?

Rahua oil is rich with tiny, positively charged  molecules of omega 9. Dry or damaged hair is porous and has a negative charge so this polar (positive and negative) natural attraction allows for the omega 9 molecules to penetrate deep inside the hair, filling the porosity of dry hair without the use of chemicals. Just nature at work!

What are the top 3 haircare benefits?

1. Chemical Detox: Rahua oil and its natural ingredient formulations push out all the chemical residues from hair.

2. Replenished nutrients to the hair shaft and hair ends

3. Remove chemical residues from scalp and deposit back rich Amazonian nutrients, extending the beauty of hair and the health of scalp 

How does your company give back to local Amazonian communities?

We work supporting on a project base, such as education about ancestral land rights, providing families with books, clothes, cash, tree climbers equipment, computers etc. Our latest project is installing solar panels deep inside the forest in isolated communities were the youth need more knowledge to legally defend themselves.

Your top 3 hair care tips:

1. Find a well trained hair dresser, that will give you a hair cut that complements your personality and will be easy to style. 

2. Shampoo your hair 3 times a week maximum; condition all the time and use 100% natural oil based products. 

3. Use Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask once a week; It's like hair insurance!

What’s next for Rahua?

We will continue to elevate the standards in natural beauty, by creating products that have amazing performance while giving peace of mind when used.

Your advice for staying healthy and happy:

Always be active; eat everything in moderation; take one second to create happiness.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

The internal belief that one is beautiful is where beauty begins. This gives confidence and inspires the person to craft and display his or her own beauty everywhere.

Visit our Rahua Brand Page to shop products and find out more about the beautiful product range.

By Nina Weston


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