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As a beauty journalist and the founder and editor of THE ECO EDIT, Lauren Dunne sure knows how to spot a natural beauty breakthrough. Lauren spent years writing for glossy magazines and websites and tried just about every beauty product under the sun before discovering the greener side of beauty-land. Here she reveals some of her favourite natural beauty products and tells us why they get her seal of approval.

1. Inika Certified Organic BB Cream Foundation

Why I love it: This hydrating BB cream delivers the perfect amount of coverage while also nourishing and protecting your skin.

Top Tip: There are several shades available - I recommend purchasing a couple of samples first so you can identify your perfect match before buying a full size tube.

2. W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara

Why I love it: This separates, defines and lengthens my lashes without irritating my eyes courtesy of its gentle natural formula. It's by far one of the best natural mascaras I've every tried!

Top Tip: Close your eyes (one at a time, obviously!) and apply mascara to the top of your upper lashes first, before opening your eyes and applying mascara underneath your lashes. This will make your lashes appear thicker, and will also boost natural curl.

3. Vanessa Megan Nature’s Elixir Face Oil

Why I love it: My skin is on the oily/combination side, and this is one of only a handful of oils I’ve found that manages to hydrate my skin without causing my skin to become more congested.

Top Tip: Apply one to two drops in the palm of your hand, and then add a few drops of water to your hands before rubbing together and massaging into your skin. The water helps the product absorb more quickly into the skin.

4. Erica Brooke Deodorant Crème in Wildflowers

Why I love it: I’ve struggled to find a natural deodorant that’s up to the challenge of a stressful work day or gym sesh – until I found this beauty. In addition to being effective, this natural deodorant also smells divine.

Top Tip: If you have sensitive underarms, try Erica Brooke's fragrance-free natural deodorant.

5. Vapour Halo Illuminator in Moonlight

Why I love it: This works as an ultra-flattering illuminator and highlighter – particularly on ladies with cooler skin tones.

Top Tip: Apply it along the cheekbones, brow bone, upper lip and bridge of your nose and then blend with your fingers or a makeup brush for a natural, lit-from-within glow.

When Lauren’s not tapping away at the keyboard, she’s burning things in the kitchen and/or enjoying a large glass of pinot noir. You can check out her website THE ECO EDIT here, and follow her on Instagram here.

By Nina Weston


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