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Do you have naturally curly locks but find it always goes frizzy? Curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types so needs extra TLC and hydration to prevent frizz. The frizz can be exasperated by summer weather and dehydration. Our go-to hairdresser Stella De Zotti, shares her top 5 tips for keeping frizz under control and getting beautiful soft curls.

Curly Hair

1. What shampoo are you using? A sulfate-free cleanser is paramount when choosing a shampoo for curly hair. Sulfates are found in products like dishwashing liquid or any cleaners that require a foaming action. The synthetic soapy foam strips hair of its natural oils, resulting in more frizz for dry curly hair types. Make sure you read the ingredients of the shampoo, even if the label says for curly hair!

2. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! I can’t say this enough. Curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types and loads of it. Condition your curls AND use an oil treatment on it weekly to help combat frizziness. Coconut oil is great for this! Apply to dry hair (but don't apply to the root area as it will make it greasy), then shampoo out as per normal and CONDITION.

3. Don't get bed hair. Sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case works wonders for curly, frizzy hair. A soft landing pad for your locks to lay on will have them waking up with less frizz than sleeping on a normal pillow case.

4. Leave hair to dry naturally. Once you get out of the shower, blot your hair dry with a towel (NEVER rub!) and apply (scrunch through) a natural serum, that's alcohol- and silicone-free, to your curls. Leave and don’t touch or reposition your hair until it is completely dry. This way the hair can soak up the serum to its core, plumping it with moisture and allowing it to keep its curl formation.

5. Avoid the elements where possible.  Allowing your hair to be blown around in humid or windy conditions definitely exasperates frizz. Wear a hat, or plait or braid it back under a hat for extra protection. Like for any hair type, salt water and chlorine are damaging to curly hair over time. Keep a bottle of fresh water with you to rinse your hair after a swim this summer, as it'll stop the damaging effects of the salt water and chlorine.

Stella's hair studio is based in Leichhardt, Sydney. Stella uses O&M hair colour, an ammonia-free hair colour alternative. Visit for more great hair tips.



By Nina Weston


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