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Pregnancy is such an exciting time as you watch your body change and grow to full bloom, and await the birth of your baby. It's also the perfect opportunity to review the products you currently use to ensure you avoid absorbing potentially harmful chemicals through your skin (see our article Safe Skincare for Pregnancy for further advice).  Keep your skin healthy as it protects you and your growing baby bump with some of Mother Nature's proven alternatives. Once you have had your baby you can continue the healthy care by using safe, natural products on them too. There are a great range of natural products out there for all needs and budgets. Here are some of our tops picks for expectant mums and why.

Pregnancy & Baby Care

For Pregnancy

Scars & Stretch Marks

Start using a natural oil early on in your pregnancy to help keep your skin strong and supple and prevent stretch marks. Vanessa Megan's Mummy Tummy Oil has been designed especially for pregnancy and new mums. A key ingredient includes grapeseed essential oil which is known to stimulate biological tissues to contract and draw together, so very effective in skin toning and tightening.

Pregnancy Perfume

Perfume can be one of the most toxic synthetic products available. During pregnancy opt for a natural alternative. Vanessa Megan's Garden Wonderland Pregnancy Perfume & Morning Sickness Spray not only smells beautiful but has all the right ingredients to help keep your morning sickness away.

For Baby

Baby Washes

Bath time is the perfect time to bond with your baby and they'll love our natural washes as much as you do! We also stock WOTNOT Baby Wipes gentle enough for newborns.

Soothing Balms

Invest in a good quality all-round natural balm for your baby as it will serve many purposes from nappy rash to stings and bites. Vanessa Megan's Baby Bum Bum / Nipple Balm is not only ideal for babies needs but safe to use on your nipples while breastfeeding to prevent dry skin and help soothe inflammation.

Summer Solutions

The summertime can be fun for your growing baby but remember to protect them when out in the sun with protective clothing and a natural sunscreen. We also stock Vanessa Megan's Bug Off My Baby natural insect repellant to keep pesky bugs at bay.

By Nina Weston


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