Healthy Natural Sunscreens


Should we even use sunscreen? That's a question hot on the lips of many of us when faced with a bottle of chemical-laden SPF that could be causing just as much harm than the sun.

Natural Sunscreen

The common chemicals found in every day sunscreens, including Oxybenzone and 4-Methylbenzylidene-Camphor (4-MBC) – synthetic UV inhibitors, and Phthalates – synthetic fragrances, have been linked to hormonal disruption and free-radical damage, which is counter-productive and certainly not what we want from a product that's meant to protect us. And while vitamin D is crucial for our health and energy levels, the sun in Australia is extremely strong and if we're in it for more than 10 minutes at a time, we're likely to burn. The optimum time of day for getting some sun safely is the morning and afternoon when the sun is at its lowest.

While we can naturally limit our sun exposure and wear protective clothing, a natural sunscreen is a great option for when out and about, and on the beach this summer. Natural sunscreens can protect the whole family from the melanoma causing UVA and UVB rays without the nasty toxic chemicals. At Beautiful Because we stock four of the most natural and healthy sunscreens available. They all have a zinc oxide base and contain other natural ingredients such as essential oils to moisturise and soothe the skin.

Eco Sunscreen

Eco Sunscreen is perfect for the whole family, with a Baby one to boot. The gentle, zinc-based sunscreen is hypoallergenic and contains minimal ingredients, including antioxidants rosehip, carrot and cucumber to protect skin from environmental damage, and Shea Butter and jojoba to hydrate. SPF Factor 30.

Choose Eco for the whole family.

Eco Tan Coconut Natural Sunscreen

Eco Tan's Natural Sunscreen smells divine because it contains coconut oil and Shea butter; also making it super easy to apply and extra-conditioning. A zinc-oxide based sunscreen too, it will keep you protected head to toe. Also rich in antioxidants – including jojoba and rosehip – you'll enjoy it's healthy formula. SPF Factor 30.

Choose Eco Tan if you want to be eco chic on the beach and smell heavenly!

Wotnot Sunscreen

Wotnot Sunscreen is also gentle enough for babies, and offers a very lightweight formula for a zinc oxide based product, that's easy to apply. Containing natural vitamin E, it helps neutralise free-radical damage before its begun. SPF Factor 30.

Choose Wotnot for a multi-purpose sunscreen and if you're always on the go.

Soleo Organics Sunscreen

Soleo Organics combines zinc oxide with organic botanical extracts and antioxidants, including chamomile, green tea and cucumber, for another skin loving formula that will care for your skin in the sun. SPF Factor 30.

Choose Soleo for its extra skin care benefits.

In addition to using a natural sunscreen, we can try to include more healthy saturated fats, omega-3's and leafy greens in our diets, as these can help protect skin cells from damage.

By Nina Weston


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