Spring Into Beauty


It’s time to give your beauty routine a (chemical-free!) Spring clean and address any skin concerns that come with the change in season. Common skin conditions include dry, flaky and pasty skin post-Winter. It’s easy to cure these, while taking the opportunity to green up your beauty arsenal with non-toxic alternatives. Most importantly, keep skin protected and beautified for the warmer, beach weather with a healthy self-tanning option.

Spring Beauty

1. Protect

Longer, sunnier days mean we need to think about sun protection again. Keep your skin young and healthy with a natural zinc-oxide based sunscreen.

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2. Exfoliate

The cold Winter weather can leave skin dry, flaky and in need of exfoliation. Try a conditioning natural exfoliant, containing jojoba beads, a few times a week to help cellular turnover and reveal fresher, smoother and more radiant skin.

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3. Hydrate

Not only can skin be dry following colder Winter weather, but a rise in humidity in Spring can cause perspiration, also dehydrating it. Quench thirsty skin in a flash with a super natural hydrator such as hyaluronic acid or Sweet Almond Oil.

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4. Perfect

More time in the sun and lighter clothing means our skin is on display. If you are feeling pasty post-Winter, try a natural self-tanner for a healthy golden glow.

If you are heading to the beach this Spring, use waterproof makeup to enhance your natural beauty and prevent unwanted makeup smudges. If it contains natural SPF, that’s even better!

In Winter we tend to choose heavier, woodier scents. Freshen up your beauty wardrobe with a lighter, floral fragrance.

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5. Repair

More time in the sun means the skin is exposed to free radical damage. Invest in a regenerating natural oil such as rosehip or jojoba to help repair your skin by night. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, natural oils help repair cellular damage and moisturise skin for a gorgeous, healthy glow.

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By Nina Weston


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