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Sally Biondo is our go-to eco makeup artist based in New York, not only has she been featured in top magazines but has had the pleasure of working with many celebrities. She believes natural makeup is the healthiest option and proves, every day through her beautiful artistry, that going green doesn't compromise performance. She shares some of her fave products from BB...

Sally Biondo

1. W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara

Why I love: Amazing natural mascara that gives a full, natural look! It's natural formula is great for sensitive eyes. I love that it has no harsh chemicals or dyes.

Top tips: Apply at the base of your lashes and brush upward through tips. Repeat immediately on the same lashes for thicker look. 

2. INIKA Professional Vegan Brush Roll

Why I love: This brush set has all the makeup brushes you'll need to achieve that day into evening look. I call it 'the essential 8'! I love how this bush set is eco-friendly and vegan. The brushes are so easy to use and convenient to carry. 

Top tips: Wash often with a natural solution for happy, soft brushes.

3. W3LL PEOPLE Realist Mineral Setting Powder Translucent

Why I love: This translucent powder will make your skin feel like 'your skin'! So light, you'll love how breathable this product is. Your skin will thank you for applying a product with healing ingredients such as organic chamomile, kaolin clay and organic aloe. An easy addition to your everyday routine! 

Top tips: For a natural look: after dipping your brush into the powder, be sure to tap out any excess powder before applying. 

4. Joy Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint by Ere Perez

Why I love: I adore multi-task products and this one is at the top of my list! Apply a small amount to lips and cheeks for a natural flush of colour. Perfect for a fresh faced, natural look. 

Top tips: Build up a few layers on your lips for a bolder hue of colour.

Find out more about Sally in our interview – Sally Biondo: A Makeup Natural, or visit her website:

By Nina Weston


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