Smokey Eye Makeup Step by Step

Smokey eye makeup with nude lips is a classic makeup look, oozing sophisticated glam and perfect for a night out. It is much simpler to apply then it may look. When using this much makeup on the fragile eye area, choose gentle and chemical-free products so as not to irritate the skin. The following step-by-step method is tried, tested and super quick and easy to achieve...
Smokey Eye Makeup

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The simplest way to create a dark smokey eye makeup is with a soft smudge eyeliner. This method really is foolproof! Use a black or charcoal depending on your preference. The aim is to create a beautiful, almond shape eye.

Step 1

Make sure the pencil is sharpened but soft at the tip. Start by drawing rough lines across the eyelid (if you have dry eyelids, use a touch of moisturiser first). 

Step 2

Using a pencil smudger or eyeshadow blender, blend the colour on the eyelid to form a block colour; follow the shape of your eye and flick out at the outer corners.

Step 3

Starting at the inner corner, where the eyeshadow ends, apply the eyeliner in rough line all the way a long the lower lashline, then smudge. 

Step 4

Smudge the eyeliner until it meets the eyeshadow colour in the outer corners of the eye, creating a feline, upward flick.

Step 5

For an extra smoulder, apply the eyeliner to the inner eye rim (only if you are using a natural formula that says it's suitable for use in this area). This is also recommended for large and round eye shapes.

Step 6

Finish the eye makeup with a coat of mascara.


The focus of this look is most certainly the eye makeup, but the skin has also been prepped to perfection to create a smooth and flawless canvas that won't detract from the eye makeup. A full-coverage liquid foundation and translucent powder is ideal for achieving such beautiful skin. 

Top Tip: Apply your foundation after your eye makeup so that any excess eyeshadow or smudges can be removed.


The trick to nude lips is to match your skin tone. Many of the top makeup artists use concealer and then blot with translucent powder to achieve nude lips. Alternatively, use a pale nude lip colour or touch of lip balm.


A nude, matt shade is the perfect accompaniment to this makeup. It matches the lipstick perfectly and keeps the look neat and sophisticated rather than heavy and grunge.














By Nina Weston


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