Tarj Mavi Talks La Mav Organic Skin Science


Beautiful Because talks to Tarj Mavi, founder of one of our beautiful brands, La Mav Organic Skin Science, to discover how her clinically proven, bio-active range is breaking natural beauty ground.

La Mav Organic Skin Science

How did La Mav come to be?

Tarj Mavi - La MavIt was following the birth of my second child in 1994 that I’d developed a severe case of postpartum pigmentation. I searched everywhere to find a skincare product that would diminish it. However, finding a product that was safe and effective, especially since I was still breast feeding, turned out to be nearly impossible. As a scientist in the research and development field, I was already conscious of the cosmetic industry’s effect on our environment and our health. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and many of the products we use on our skin contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. This is when I decided to put my knowledge and experience to use and create a skin care product unlike any other on the market, based on healthy, effective, organic ingredients that are good for our bodies, good for the planet and good for generations to come.

Explain La Mav's Organic Skin Science

The one vital factor when creating La Mav was that the products had to be 100% natural and fully certified organic. I’ve managed to accomplish my mission and this gives me an incredible feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.

La Mav is a natural cosmeceutical skin care range – products that help the skin recover and heal on its own, by nourishing and balancing it. Our clinically proven bio-actives act in the deeper layer of the skin, where the actual processes of regeneration takes place. The brand was created after extensive cosmetology research and development involving the evaluation of data in the augmentation of skin firmness, elasticity and hydration. I've spent a lot of years researching naturally derived certified active constituents that are free of toxins. After a series of studies, these constituents were proven to provide a potent result-driven organic alternative for the repair, restoration and rejuvenation of the skin at a cellular level and provide outstanding age-defying results.

Tell us about your organic certifications:

Products carrying an Organic Certification symbol assure consumers that products have been independently audited and approved. While there is no national standard for skin care or cosmetics in Australia there are numerous certifying bodies that approve organic authenticity. The requirements are that synthetically processed ingredients are not permitted and processes that are toxic or have detrimental effects on the environment are to be avoided. To ensure the highest quality for our customers, we have certification from one of the strictest and highly regarded certification body recognised worldwide, the Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd. We give you the confidence that you are buying a product that is 100% certified organic and pure by nature itself.

What do you say to those who choose synthetic skincare?

I respect freedom of choice, however, I also believe that education is the key! The consumer is non-organic only because no one has explained the benefits of the organic way of living and the dangers of “letting chemicals into” your everyday life. Once people are informed, they do start taking control of their health and make a conscious effort to do what’s best for them. As I’ve already mentioned, our skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs more than 80% of what we put on it, so we have to be very careful. More and more people are turning towards the natural and organic skincare, and the healthy living in general, which is really great.

How does the Skin Brightening help repair sun-damaged skin?

Most people underestimate the importance of sun protection which at some point might lead to problems with hyperpigmentation. I’ve personally struggled with hormone induced melasma, after the birth of my second child and may be that is one of the reasons I’ve put so much effort in creating the Brightening range. No matter if your pigmentation problem is hormone or sun-induced, I do believe our Skin-Brightening range can help you. The products are very gentle on the skin yet they include powerful bio-actives targeted specifically to even skin texture and promote radiance. Rumex occidentalis extract, vitamin C, Bearberry extract, Liquorice root extract and Cassia alata leaf extract are key ingredients in the range that have proven effects on skin clarity and texture.

Your favourite product:

My personal favourite is the Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar – I absolutely love it! It’s very rich and nourishing yet absorbs easily into the skin and in the morning you have that incredible look of freshness and glow on your face. My other favourite is the Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum because it helped me deal with melasma several years ago. It truly does help lighten pigmentation.

Your favourite ingredient:

Argan oil, definitely – it works wonders for me, literally! However, this is something very personal and I believe everyone should find their own “little miracle.”

Your own natural beauty routine:

I always try to keep my skin well hydrated, I never skip my nightly routine when I indulge on some rich nourishing nectars and last but not least I smile a lot – I believe that the smile adds more glow to a woman’s face than even the greatest cosmetic product can do.

What inspires you to create new products?

To be honest - everything. I believe that inspiration is everywhere - you just have to be open to embrace it. Great, motivated, enthusiastic people inspire me and I know that you can learn something from everyone, you just have to be willing to.

Also, I know it may sound cliché but Oprah is truly inspirational. She just got out there and didn’t give up even when she had everything going against her. To hear her story of where she came from and her journey to where she is now is incredible.

What's next for La Mav?

We are planning to expand internationally into countries like the UK and Japan. Actually, we have a lot of exciting things to come but I’d like to keep them secret for now. Stay tuned!

Top skin care tip:

Lots of water, good food, good sleep and peaceful mind. No product will help you hide the tired look on your face, if you do not take care of yourself first. That is why I always try my best, no matter how busy I am, to take some “me” time.

Top DIY beauty recipe:

I exfoliate my face with olive oil and brown sugar on regular basis. Exfoliation is very important because it helps removing the dead cell from the skin’s surface and this way, all nourishing products that you use are absorbed better.

Favourite healthy food:

I love fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. They give me energy and help me multitasking during the day. I do believe that good food is essential not only for looking great but for feeling good as well.

Favourite way to keep fit:

At the end of the day I practice Bikram yoga. It helps me stay fit and toned, but more importantly it allows me to relax and have some ‘me’ time. I find this very important!

Favourite way to relax:

Spending some quality time with my boys and my husband. They are what matters most.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

A genuine smile. I do believe this is the best “accessory” a woman can wear.


Visit our La Mav brand page to discover the beautiful range.

By Nina Weston


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