La Mav Mineral Makeup Tips


La Mav is a beautiful mineral makeup brand with a great range of products to suit all skin tones and types. These clever minerals may take a little practice in applying but are well worth the time and care for the gorgeous, natural and healthy finish they give. Containing only natural minerals and no chemicals, silicone or fillers they care for your skin too.

La Mav Mineral Makeup Tips

We caught up with La Mav's Eddie Goncalves, business manager and makeup artist, to get his top tips for using La Mav minerals.

La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation

First things first, Eddie says to make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned before applying La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation, as this will allow the minerals their optimum results. To help your minerals adhere to the skin beautifully, and to avoid a chalky look, he recommends spritzing skin with a floral water before application, such as La Mav Rosa Damascena Hydrating Mist toner. A spritz throughout the day will also refresh your look. 

To apply the minerals, gently press them onto the skin with the La Mav Vegan Kabuki Brush and buff in circular motions. Repeat for desired coverage. Eddie also says to dab any excess minerals with a tissue.

La Mav BB Creme

The BB Creme is Australia's first organic BB cream and can be used as a primer before applying the minerals or worn alone. It is a gorgeous beige tint but very pale skins may find it a little dark; if so, Eddie recommends mixing a little moisturiser with it to lighten up the tone. If you have combination/oily skin, apply La Mav Mattifying Powder before and after the BB Creme. 

La Mav founder Tarj Mavi, says of the BB Creme: "It’s easy and quick to apply, it has a natural sunscreen and it provides enough coverage to be used as either a foundation or a primer. It corrects imperfections in a very delicate way, providing flawless finish. It is formulated with bio-actives like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that deliver profound skin hydration. It evens your complexion, hides imperfections and at the same time – nourishes the skin."

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By Nina Weston


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