The differences between BB and CC Cream


At Beautiful Because we stock both Lavera BB Cream and Lavera CC Cream and you may be wondering what the differences are between the two, and which is most suited to you. The following table shows which product is best for each condition, and may help you decide what your priorities are so you choose the one best for your skin type and concerns:

BB Cream versus CC Cream

Concern Product
Blemishes/Redness CC
Pigmentation CC
Sun Damage CC
Sensitivity BB
Wrinkles/Maturer Skin CC
Skin Primer/Toner BB
Makeup Base BB
Pores/Oily/Younger Skin BB
Dehydration CC
Radiance/Skin Brightening BB
Coverage CC
Colour Tint Both
Antioxidant/Anti-ageing Protection Both
24 Hour Moisturiser Both

Lavera BB and Lavera CC:

La Mav BB Creme

We also stock La Mav BB Creme at Beautiful Because; it provides a slightly fuller coverage than Lavera BB Cream and contains natural sunscreen:

By Nina Weston


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