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There are so many reasons why you shouldn't just walk past those charity shops. Thrift shops are a great place to pick up a bargain and donate your old clothes while there. Recycling clothes is eco-friendly since those thrown out will only end up in a landfill. We caught up with Fashion Hound, Faye De Lanty, who is an absolute pro at sifting the good from the bad items. You may have seen her segment on channel 9 where she recreates celeb looks using pieces she's picked up in charity stores. Being amateurs in this biz, we asked her advice:

Which is your favorite thrift store in Sydney?

I am obsessed with the Salvos store in Darlinghurst Sydney – huge, cheap, stacked with treats and new stock all the time. If you hunt you’ll be amazed at the brands you'll find.

Where's best for vintage pieces?

I love Zoo Emporium on Crown St – they have the most amazing flamboyant and high quality vintage. The Crown St area in general is fab.

I also like Sydney Antique Centre, King St, Newtown, for its amazing sole vintage traders

Other top places would be Latrobe Terrace, Brisbane and Ebay and Etsy are always cool to shop online.

What has been your favourite find?

I recently found this INCREDIBLE Balmain inspired black tux jacket. Killer padded shoulders, stunning pleating and form and a fine sequin lapel to boot. Amazing! $15 – and I wear it with everything, particularly my customised thrift jeans. For this post I was inspired by a Saint Laurent outfit that retails for 6k...mine (all from the Salvos) cost me $65.

How can those wanting to stay in fashion benefit from thrift shopping?

Where do I begin! First of all you can save a tone of money. Source celebrity looks you love take the pic with you to a thrift store and copy the look for less. But I do believe in making a trend to suit yourself and your style, your influences and inspirations. Don’t follow everyone else.

How is thrift shopping good for the environment?

Did you know that fashion is second only to oil as the most polluting industry in the world? More than one million tones of textiles go to landfill every year…so we really need to think about our fashion footprint. I’m not banning buying new but I ask you to think about whether you need to buy new all the time. Can you thrift it, rework it, recycle it instead?

Then of course most thrift stores are charity focused so your money goes to people or animals less fortunate. It’s good fashion karma.

What are your fave eco-friendly fabrics?

I love soft organic cotton and bamboo is beautiful too.

Who are your fave sustainable fashion brands?

I’m a huge fan of NYC based brand The Reformation

Also love these girls for amazing reworked vintage The Vintage Twin

I’m impressed with what H&M are up to too – thanks to a push from Greenpeace

How often do you recommend recycling your wardrobe?

I keep it moving every few months… but I think a good rule of thumb is 6 months… I say if you haven’t worn it by that time – donate it or sell it on ebay.

Is it okay to make an offer on a piece in a thrift store?

Good question! I think it’s really best suited if you find a mark or flaw on the garment – generally the store manager will be willing to drop the price a little for you if you ask on these kind of garments.

For more style inspiration, check out Faye's website: and how she sources celeb-inspired looks on Channel 9 Mornings.

By Nina Weston


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