How To Get Luminous Skin Naturally


Luminous, radiant, glowy skin, that looks natural with the right kind of shine, just not an oily one, that's the skin we all desire. We've seen it on the celebs and models gracing the pages of magazines, on TV presenters and blushing brides, who's skin's been primed to perfection. So, can the look be achieved with natural products? Damn right it can! And, your skin will literally glow with health once you ditch the synthetic, and often toxic, chemical cosmetics. 

Angelina Jolie always looks naturally radiant

Inner Glow

First things first, if you want a face that's a picture of true health you must look after your skin from the inside out. Drink plenty of water and antioxidant-rich green tea to keep your skin hydrated and flush-out toxins. Get your omegas 3, 6 and 9 daily dosage; oily fish, almonds, avocado, flaxseed, linseed, and LSA all contain the essential fatty acids which are building blocks for collagen – the stuff that keeps your skin plump and youthful and which diminishes with age. Exercise regularly as sweating is fantastic for the skin, keeping it hydrated and helping to clear it of impurities. Read more on Getting Healthy Skin From Within.

Skin Care

Treat yourself to a regular facial (at a natural beauty salon) and make sure you use a good quality, natural skin care range. Cleansing and moisturising daily is key to healthy skin, as well as staying out the sun of course! Vanessa Megan is a beautiful, certified organic range full of skin loving nutrients and vitamins. This includes some gorgeous face oils; oils are in fact better absorbed by the skin as their molecular structure is similar to our own sebum. Vanessa Megan's Nature's Elixir Face Oil will give your skin the wow factor since it has a slight golden tint that instantly gives you a lift. After a few weeks of using that beauty you may not even need makeup! Regular exfoliation is also important to rid the skin of dead and dull skin cells and make way for fresh new ones. Look for skincare containing vitamins C and A, Mother Nature's natural skin exfoliants.


Apply natural makeup after applying your face oil and letting it soak in. Use a liquid foundation with a luminous finish that will give you a dewy rather than matt look. Nvey Eco's Organic Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation is jam-packed with all the nutrients your skin needs and will give skin that lovely glowy finish. Add some luminosity to the skin with a cream highlighter such as INIKA's award-winning Light Reflecting Highlighting Cream which can be mixed with your foundation or worn as a makeup base. INIKA certified organic and natural makeup blur the line between skincare and makeup so you know it will be treating your skin while beautifying its appearance. For an extra shimmer, we love Ere Perez's Versatile Highlighters.

By Nina Weston


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