Natural Beauty Tricks for Tired Eyes


Dark circles, fine lines and puffiness are an all-too common, unwanted side-effect of tiredness, dehydration, stress and biological ageing. But never fear natural beauties, there are not only ways to conceal them, but banish them for good. You just need to find the cause of your symptoms and treat it with the appropriate care. 

Eye Care

Cause for Concern

Dark circles are caused by allergies, dehydration, poor diet, poor circulation, too much alcohol (due to dehydration) and sleep deprivation. Sleeping with your makeup on can also irritate the skin in your eye area and causes excess fluid to accumulate. 

Puffiness is a buildup of lymphatic fluid that can be caused by fatigue, poor diet (including excess salt which causes fluid retention), dehydration, alcohol and fluid retention due to hormonal imbalances.

To help reduce water retention, drinking plenty of water is actually key as drinking more helps you release more water naturally. Your body can store water if it's dehydrated. Also reduce your salt intake.  Exercise will keep your lymph nodes active, flushing the skin of excess fluids and salts. Be careful when using eye cream since too much can accumulate under the skin and cause bags: you only need a very small amount, which is best applied lightly to the contours of your eyes, using your ring finger that will put the least pressure on your skin.

The skin around our eyes is some of the thinnest, most-delicate and though fine lines are a natural part of the ageing process, they can also be caused by dehydration. To help prevent premature ageing of the eye area, always protect the fragile skin against environmental aggressors with a moisturiser containing SPF by day.

Tricks for Tired Eyes

White Eyeliner

Using white eyeliner on your lower eye rim will not only brighten and widen your eyes but make them look fresher and less tired. Make sure you choose a natural pencil designed to be used on the delicate eye rim. INIKA's Certified Organic Eyeliner in White Crystal is perfect for this.


Conceal both dark circles and fine lines with a lightweight concealer with light-diffusing pigments. All three of the natural concealers below are great options.

Eye Cream

Choose a scientifically proven skin care product, such as La Mav's Anti Dark-Circle & Ultra-Firm Eye Gel to help improve your dark circles or puffiness. Containing Vitamin C and rumex extract help reduce the dark circles, fine lines as well as under eye puffiness; aloe vera and rosa damascena to instantly revitalise tired eyes delivering refreshed appearance; and polyphenols, from seaweed extract and natural hyaluronic acid, to smooth and firm the eye contour.


Use herbal tea bags (that have been soaked in water) as a quick fix eye mask. Caffeine is diuretic and can help boost circulation, reducing the appearance of dark circles. The antioxidants will also brighten and condition skin.


Mother Nature's eye masks cucumber and potatoe can cool, soothe and brighten the skin. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, potatoes even contain a skin brightening enzyme called catecholase. Place slices of raw potato over your eyelids for five minutes.

For further advice on reducing eye puffiness and dark circles, read our article How To Banish Dark Circles & Tired Eyes Naturally.

By Nina Weston


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