Lights Out for Earth Hour


This Saturday, March 29th, Australia is invited to support Earth Hour by turning out the lights to signify the need to protect our environment from climate change. This year the cause is close to our hearts, the Great Barrier Reef.

Earth Hour was founded by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Sydney in 2007 and has since been adopted by 7001 cities and 152 nations worldwide.  This year, Earth Hour is focusing its attention on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef as it’s one of the world’s most iconic and threatened places.

On Saturday, Earth Hour supporters will get together at small and large gatherings around the country for lights out at 8.30pm. There is a must-see TV special, with Channel Ten, revealing the true story of what’s happening to the Great Barrier Reef due to climate change.

Last year, authorities estimated a 3 per cent drop in energy use in Sydney's central business district during Earth Hour. So, make a stand for our reef and save energy this Saturday.

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By Nina Weston


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