Eco Chic at Sydney Fashion Week


Eco chic beauties based in Sydney should head to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW), on Thursday 10th April, for the first ever green fashion event, hosted by sustainable fashion advocacy group, Clean Cut.



Clean Cut is dedicated to supporting the Australian fashion industry and the future of sustainable and fair practices. Headed by four of Australia’s leading sustainable fashion advocates, Clean Cut is spearheading ethical and ecological practices in the Australian Fashion Industry and supporting and celebrating the brands that are already paving the way.

The Clean Cut show will feature international and local sustainable fashion brands including; Kowtow (NZ ), Desert Designs (Sydney), Rachel Cassar ( Sydney), Lalesso ( Kenya), Goodone (UK) Social Studio (Melbourne) , Bhalo (Perth) and Ovna Ovich

The show is set to challenge the existing preconceptions about ‘green’ fashion and showcase the quality craftsmanship and fashion-forward design of today’s up and coming eco designers.

Desert Designs

Desert Designs

Tiana Wallace, stylist for the event says “As one of Australia’s first organisations representing sustainable fashion, Clean Cut is pioneering the way for Australian designers to create beautiful garments while staying true to sustainable product production, a very exciting development in the industry here which I’m proud to support.”

Managing Director of Clean Cut Carlie Ballard says “ The launch of Clean Cut will bring a greater ethical influence to the fashion industry at a national level. Equally, we are working at becoming a trusted resource for consumers who want information on what labels are doing and make more informed fashion choices through our soon to be launched Style Guide Directory.”

Clean Cut offer consulting services to the fashion industry to provide practical support on how to ‘green up’ business practices as well as an online sustainable fashion guide.

By Nina Weston


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