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Accepting yourself the way you are, taking care of your mind and body, and treating others with kindness will make you feel better than any beauty treatment or product ever could. Here are our top ten ways to feeling happier and more beautiful:

Feeling beautiful


Keep Hydrated

You've heard it many times before but you really do need to make sure you drink plenty of water. It's the best thing you can do for your body both inside and out. Every organ requires water to function optimally and your skin is one of the last to get its share. Dry cracked skin is a definite sign it's lacking water and drinking more is a sure-fire way to hydrate it! Ensure you are getting at least 8 glasses of purified water per day and let your natural beauty show.

Choose Food for Fuel

Choose your meals wisely. You are what you eat so if you are eating over-processed, heavy meals full of chemical preservatives and additives you are going to feel pretty tired, irritable and sluggish as your body won't be getting the nutrients it requires. Avoid quick food fixes (white grains, bread, potatoes, fast foods) that will soon leave you lacking energy and instead eat wholegrain foods (oats, brown rice, brown pasta, quinoa, sweet potato) with slow releasing energy. Save time by keeping meals simple in the week; and help save the planet by introducing more plant based vegetarian options to your plate. Try to cut back on caffeine and out with the sugar! If you have a sweet tooth (like me!) check up some healthy raw dessert options. You only have to google "raw desserts" for amazing local blogger recipes. Remember – the more natural the food, the healthier you’ll feel! We love The Beauty Chef's healthy inner beauty supplements for a boost from within.

Care for your Skin

Looking after your skin with natural products is a healthy and safe option that will leave you positively glowing. Mother Nature has all the answers to our skin concerns, and we stock a wide range of high quality natural skincare brands. A skincare staple which is suited to all skin types and concerns is Rosehip Oil; not only does it keep skin moisturised but, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, protects against and helps repair cellular damage. It’s gorgeous golden tint will also leave your skin beautifully radiant. Be kind to your skin and the environment by using fewer, greener products.

Get a Natural Lift

Eyebrows frame the face and can really influence your appearance. Groomed and shaped brows will give you a natural face lift! Now, we don't mean over arching the centre – most makeup artists agree this actually ages you – and it's more youthful to have fuller brows. Top Australian makeup artist Rae Morris said in an interview with the SMH, ‘‘I can take 10 years off a woman by filling it in and giving her more eyebrow... When we get older we get a very heavy eyebrow bone and puffy eyelids... If you keep arching your brow you make that area bigger and it’s an area you don’t want to make bigger... By having a fuller not so arched brow you’re going to give your eye a lift and take out the puffiness of your eye."* So, fill in any gaps with a natural brow product for a youthful and in vogue look. Apply the brow pencil with gentle strokes for a natural effect. Read our article for further information on Eyebrow Shaping.


It’s not about having a super slim frame, but a healthy body to be the best you can be. Regular exercise will get your heart-rate up, blood flowing, drain your lymph nodes (reducing puffiness), give you energy and release happy hormones (endorphins) making you feel good. If you have been unable to exercise for a while, start slow, little and often. If you are a new mum, ask a friend or family member to look after Bub for half an hour or join a gym with a creche. You will literally glow after a workout so will certainly feel more beautiful. Sweating is also one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy, youthful and radiant since it flushes out toxins and keeps it hydrated.


Whatever you like to do to relax; be it a candle lit bath, a great book, meditation, yoga, listening to music or going for a walk; don’t underestimate the importance of me-time. To make you feel even more beautiful, spend some time pampering yourself every once in a while; whether that's painting your nails with a non-toxic nail polish, indulging in a organic face mask, enjoying a natural hair treatment or just a good old soak!


We all need our beauty sleep! Your body repairs and regenerates its cells while you sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to some not so pretty attributes: poor judgement, irritability, dark circles, pale and puffy skin. Try and get 8 hours a night and if you find it hard to switch off, write a to-do list for the next day, read to tire and distract your mind and have a caffeine-free soothing tea such as camomile before bed. Magnesium Oil is also great to help you sleep well.

Help Others

Help others to help yourself. There is a reason why altruistic people are happiest! Being beautiful on the inside; a kind and caring individual, will allow you to radiate beauty on the outside. Helping others, whether it simply be an elderly neighbour with their shopping, volunteering at an animal shelter, lending a friend a hand, or taking more time to help your child with their homework, are rewarding experiences.

Be a Green Goddess

Take time to appreciate nature every once in a while (or as much as possible!). This could be going for a walk, buying some flowers to brighten your home, spending a day at the beach, listening to the birds or tending to your garden. Embracing nature will add colour to your life and help keep you grounded; putting every day material problems and aspirations into perspective. All natural beauties should care about the environment and play their part. This includes recycling everything you can, from general household materials to last season’s wardrobe!

Be Confident

Of the many beautiful women we've interviewed over the years, many have had the same answer to the question: What do you think makes someone beautiful? Answering “confidence.” Although it can be hard at times, and I know I for one struggle with this. But, being confident in yourself, radiates your own unique natural beauty. Don’t let others put you down. Choose your friends carefully and don’t be afraid to break-up with an unhealthy friendship. Spend your free time with those who care about you, make you feel happy and boost your confidence.

* Source: Bow To The Brow:

By Nina Weston


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