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There is no denying that Cameron Diaz is exceptionally fit at 41. She has recently released a book, The Body Book, revealing her beautiful body secrets and says age is no obstacle to being healthy and active. It's a really interesting read with lots of scientific factual info being relayed in an palatable fashion by the celeb, giving insight into why she looks the way she does. Here are the top ten pieces of advice we'll be taking from it:

1. Eat Breakfast for Energy & Beauty

Throughout the book Cameron reinforces the importance of having breakfast to give you the energy you need to get you through the morning. She says it helps her to think straight and give her skin a radiance boost, ready to apply her makeup. For this reason, her makeup artist won't do her makeup in the mornings until she has had something to eat.  

Cameron's Fabulous Breakie Recipe:

Cameron does not have a sweet tooth and prefers to have her oatmeal savoury. She recommends a yummy concoction of sauteed zucchini with collard greens, caramelized shallots and egg whites with hers, topped off with Ponzu sauce (a Japanese sauce made from rice vinegar and citrus) or some lemon juice. Sound delish!

2. Drink a Bottle of Water first thing

Since we can't replenish lost moisture while we sleep, it is important to do so first thing in the morning. Cameron calls this her "wake up call" so every night before bed she feels a big bottle of water and places it on her bathroom counter to drink first thing: "I go from being a wilted plant to one that has just been rejuvenated by the rain," she says. She also stresses the importance of replacing fluids after a work out session by having a large bottle of water to hand.

3. Whole Foods for Health

"If we want to have good health, we must eat good, real, whole food," says Cameron. "When I talk about eating for nutrition and eating good food, eating real food and eating whole food, I'm talking about eating foods that grow in the earth and are sustained by the earth and have not been tampered with by technology... How? By avoiding fast food and processed food. By choosing whole grains, vegetables and fruit that are as close as possible to their state when they came out of the ground."

4. Natural Foods for Beautiful Skin

As chemicals can affect the surface of our skin, they can also affect it from within in the form of processed, or un-pure foods. Cameron may have beautiful skin today but that wasn't always the case and,  at the beginning of her career, she'd have to wear a lot of makeup to cover it up. "My issues with my skin continued until my late twenties, when I started cooking for myself again and stopped eating so much fast food," she says, "As my eating style evolved and I quit putting processed foods into my body, a funny thing happened... my skin began to clear up."

5. Listen to Your Body

If you have felt like you are "not living in your true body" or "don't feel at home in your body", Cameron can relate and says the key is to "Listen to your body." Cameron recommends doing this by "checking in with your body" by spending quiet time listening to what your body is trying to tell you by how it feels. "When you start to quiet down and listen to your body, your mind will start to speak up too. It will have reactions to the way your body feels.... (I am so tired lately; How have I been sleeping?)."  

Cameron recommends meditation, yoga, daily stretches or morning hikes as some of the beneficial rituals where we can check-in with our bodies and pay attention to how we are feeling.

6. Exercise at work and help others

Being stuck in the office all day doesn't mean you have to be inactive. Cameron suggests helping colleagues by offering to pick up their lunches and thus getting some extra exercise. She also recommends getting up and walking to someone's office rather than sending an email.

7. "Pain is weakness leaving your body"

One of her fave sayings is "Pain is weakness leaving your body" and she encourages you to remember that after a tough workout when your muscles are killing or when you are struggling to hold a yoga move or do another bicep curl. The burn is good and not the kind of pain you should fear says Cameron, but the kind we need for growth. "When you push through to the other side of pain, you are stronger for it; you let go of weakness and build resilience in mind and body." And well, she should know given the gruelling training she underwent to get in shape for Charlie's Angels.

8. "Sweatier the Better"

A keen surfer, snowboarder and all round sporty chick, when it comes to working out, Cameron believes the "Sweatier the better" as "sweating is how you know you're doing something right... Moving and sweating are what we women were made to do," she says. Indeed, not only is sweating great for your body, but helps release toxins through the skin and means you are active, getting your blood flowing and releasing endorphins.

9. Nighttime Ritual

For those who find it hard to sleep, Cameron, who is often in hotel beds in different countries and time zones recommends a wind down, bed time ritual that involves closing out the outside world and all technological distractions, a prepped bed, shower or bath, followed by moisturising (she says she loves to use a lavender based moisturiser since it relaxes her), and of course lights out.

10. Ageing Healthfully is Ageing Happily

Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about Cameron is her acceptance of ageing and her love of her body changing every day as a result, regardless. She says, "Our bodies age every single day that we are lucky enough to be alive" and "getting older is amazing. It's what life is all about, even if it seems strange sometimes to see the body that you live in change. If you do it right... if you take responsibility for yourself, and really do the work, you will be able to love getting older."

It is important to stay fit and healthy not only so we live to an old age but so we are comfortable and active when we get there, after all being healthy is your freedom and your independence.

The Body Book is published by HarperCollins:

Image: HarperCollins Publishers

By Nina Weston


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