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Contouring is a brilliant technique for shaping and sculpting the face, drawing attention to your natural bone structure and adding definition. The Lily Lolo Sculpt & Glow Contour Kit is the only green-beauty contour palette on the market (that we know of), and includes two pressed powders, as Kelsey Price demonstrates.

Highlight & Contour Main

The contour shade is a flattering matte, medium-toned contour that works on both very fair through to medium, more tanned complexions. The highlighter is a vanilla toned highlighter that gives a stunning lit-from-within glow to the skin, and is actually one of my favourite highlighters. The mineral shimmer particles are incredibly fine so there is no glitter or shimmer to this highlighter, just a gorgeous glow.

The Lily Lolo palette is the perfect option for beginners, as the product is very buildable. If you’d love to try contouring, but are afraid of looking Kardashian-esque, this is the palette for you. You can apply it as subtly as you wish and build up the product for a more defined look.

Where and how you apply contour and highlight does depend on your face shape and bone structure, but for this how-to, I’m going to be covering the basics of a subtle, natural contour.

Contouring is about creating definition and enhancing your natural bone structure. You don’t want your face to look thin and drawn, but rather give your cheek a light lift, and bring that definition back into your face. The three main areas where you apply contour is underneath the cheekbone, underneath the jaw, and the sides of the nose.

When it comes to highlighting, you want to compliment all that work you’ve done with the contour, by lifting and opening up the areas of the face. Apply highlighter to the top of your cheekbone, bridge of nose, brow bone, inner corner of the eye and cupids bow.



Firstly, you want to find the right angle for your face shape. If (like me!) you don’t have super-model features with a naturally defined cheekbone, for most women, the angle from the top of your ear towards the apple of your cheek is the most flattering. You want the contour to finish at a height below the nose, but above your mouth.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, it’s really not! And I’ve made a handy graphic for you to see just what I’m talking about!

Highlight & Contour Basics

Now you’ve found your angle, it’s time to get contouring!

After applying your base, look straight ahead into the mirror. Using a contour brush, gently sweep the contour powder beneath your cheekbone, from your hairline towards the apples* of your cheeks, but not onto the apples of your cheeks. Drawing in too closely to the nose will give you a harsh, unnatural look, so keep it to the outer sides of your face.

Using a light, upwards motion, softly blend with your foundation. You don’t want a harsh line, but you also don’t want to blend the contour too much, or you can end up looking muddy. If you feel you need a deeper contour, you can always build it up later.

*Need help finding the apple of your cheek? Try smiling! The apples of your cheeks are the fullest part, and most obvious when you smile.

Cheek Contouring


It depends on your nose shape as to how heavily you want to contour the nose. Contouring slims, so if you have a naturally slim nose, you’ll probably prefer to skip this step, or go very lightly so as to just balance the colours on your face.

If you want to shorten the nose, apply the contour with an eyeshadow brush (or other small brush) just beneath the tip of the nose, to give the illusion of a shadow.

Again, using light strokes and an eyeshadow or small contour brush,  take the contour down both sides of the nose, blending lightly upwards. I’m always the most light-handed when it comes to contouring the nose, as it’s already defined, and I prefer a subtle look. Remember you can always build the layers!

For a fuller pout, apply just a touch of contour in the centre underneath the bottom lip, to give the illusion of a deeper shadow and a fuller lip


Using a contour brush, sweep contour along the jawline, blending downwards


The contour shade is also beautiful for adding depth and warmth to the eyes.

Using an eyeshadow brush, sweep the contour powder into the crease, and blend.



Even if I’m going with a quick and easy no-makeup look, I always apply highlighter. It lifts and opens up the face, and instantly gives the skin the beautiful glow.

The top of the cheekbone is usually obvious on most face shapes, but as a general rule, keep it just above the contour, and a cm or two beneath the very top of the cheekbone. Sweep backwards and up toward the hairline.

If you want an extreme glow, simply layer up the product!

Highlight Main


Sweep the highlighter down the bridge of the nose, and across the top of the cupid’s bow.

I also pressed (with my fingertip) the highlighter into the centre of my bottom lip. This gives the appearance of fuller lips.

Highlight Nose


With an eyeshadow brush, apply highlighter beneath the arch of the brow, inner corner of the eye and centre of the eyelid.

And voilà! Your look is complete!

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