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Beautiful Because talk to Chase Polan, the founder of KYPRIS Beauty, about luxury organic skincare, and what sets them apart in the natural beauty sphere. She shares what she believes the essence of true beauty to be, as well as her top tips and products.

Chase Polan - KYPRIS Beauty

Please share your Holistic Beauty Journey...

I am a believer in the Rumi precept that “What you seek is seeking you.” All my life I've loved beauty products, the spa and nature. I've been an entrepreneur since I was 21. The experience of Beauty is something I've thought much about since I was a young child whether that was my next product acquisition, desired spa experience, how good the sopping beach sand enveloped my feet, or the temperature of the salty air when a piercing sun kissed my skin just so. In hindsight, KYPRIS seems inevitable as all that it is have been a culmination of lifelong loves.

What does true beauty mean to you?

In many cultures today, we confuse Beauty with Glamour. Glamour is about creating a "moment," a "look." That can be fun but should not be pursued in lieu of feeling or experiencing oneself as beautiful. Beauty is accessible to any person of any shape, colour, size, age, or location. KYPRIS recognises Beauty is a vital spiritual experience of Love, acceptance, and pleasure. Real Beauty heals and enhances our days.

What makes KYPRIS unique?

There are many points of differentiation. The ones most important to our community are a combination of the elegance and performance of our formulas, sustainable sourcing practices, and expansive Beauty philosophy.

KYPRIS Beauty embraces ageing – how do your high-performance formulas reflect this?

We believe 'ageing' has nothing to do with how one looks or feels. Surely you know glowing goddesses at every age. Instead of focusing on fixing made up problems, we focus on self-care practices driven by wellness, aesthetic benefits, and scientific consensus.

What exactly is a beauty elixir?

The Beauty Elixirs are a 100% active combination of raw, unrefined plant oils and extracts and clinically validated green technologies. For example, among their many actives, each includes the raw, unrefined seed oil of prickly pear wild-crafted in the Arizona high desert as well as a certified therapeutic quality CoQ10 that challenges the appearance of oxidative stress. They moisturise, impart glow, and diminish the appearance of sun damage. They've been recommended by physicians, relied upon in the treatment rooms of choice spas and aesthetics practices, and have been used to prep faces for films, magazines, and catwalks. The Beauty Elixirs are simultaneously beautiful, results-driven, and sustainable.

Why did you create 3 beauty elixirs?

There are three different formulas for three different skin types and aroma-therapeutic preferences: 1,000 Roses is the most moisturising; Healing Bouquet is the most balancing; and the Prismatic Array is the gentlest. All three are made for sensitive complexions.

Kypris Beauty - Beautiful Because

What makes your formulas luxurious?

The elegance with which a formula engages one's senses and performs...

How is it best to layer KYPRIS products?

However you Love... When we at KYPRIS say Beauty Ritual – we don't mean a synonym for regimen – we mean a self-care practice of discovery and connection. You can apply the products one at a time or make a micro emulsion on your fingertips. During the Fall / Winter or at night, I might apply a few extra drops of Beauty Elixir overtop for a boost of moisture.

Your top DIY Beauty Tip:

For a fabulous scrub, (before shaving) mix 1 cup of salt – epsom or sea salt – with a tablespoon of melted or softened coconut oil so that the oil is evenly distributed. Add a tablespoon of coffee and a glug of vanilla for some zesty extra credit. Sit in your tub on a towel and scrub beginning at your extremities towards your heart. Placing a towel in the bottom of the tub that will not clog the drain should help to keep you from slipping on any residual oil. Of course, please be careful and use caution. Rinse off in the shower or bath. Apply KYPRIS Body Elixir all over.

Fave Natural Beauty Products:

There are too many to name, but today I prepped my skin with KYPRIS; curled my lashes then coated them in W3ll People mascara; after moisturising my lips with Beauty Elixir; dabbed Dirty Diana from NUDUS for a snacking-on-raspberries pop of color;  and finished with a spritz of Acorelle perfume in Vanilla.

Fave health food for beauty from within:

Coconut everything...

Fave way to unwind:

A hot, sea-salty bath, a glass of wine, a glass of cool water, and a good book. I'll drench my face in Beauty Elixir, soak, sip, and read. If I don't feel like reading I'll soak a washcloth in cool chamomile tea and fold it over my eyes. Upon exiting the tub, I'll massage Body Elixir Inflorescence from my extremities towards my heart. Oh my do I sleep like a baby.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Self-possession informed by self-respect, kindness, authenticity, and an ecstatic sense of Being.

Visit our KYPRIS Beauty store page for more info about this beautiful brand and to shop the range in Australia.


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