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Beautiful Because chats to our go-to hairdresser, Stella De Zotti, who switched to Original Mineral (O&M) hair colours and products, due to their ammonia-free formula. O&M remove harsh chemicals where possible and include natural extracts and active minerals. They believe stress-free hair is only possible when we reduce the chemical overload. Stella discusses the brand and how to keep hair healthy, as naturally as possible.

O&M hair colour

Why did you decide to use O&M in your salon?

I chose O&M for its 'no ammonia' hair colour firstly. I loved their philosophy around toxins and caring for your scalp and hair and wanted this for my clients. O&M hair care products contain no parabens, sulfates, triclosan, sodium chloride, propylene glycol, pthalates & MIT. It has no PPD (paraphenylenediamine) ammonia or resorcinol. This makes it gentle on the scalp, hair and hands. O&M offer over 99 shades, up to 5 levels of lightening and 100% grey coverage. It leaves the hair shiny and in great condition.

Can you get completely chemical-free hair colour?

Colouring hair is a chemical process. Whenever you permanently change the natural state of the hair, a chemical process takes place. The degree of chemicals used to change the hair differs from brand to brand. O&M take out the nasties and replace them with these with 3 active mineral clean colour technology (CCT): illite – this deeply penetrates, allowing the micro colour pigment molecules to permeate and saturate the hair with colour; kaolin which is known as a strong protector, helps guard against colour fade to ensure the colour stays locked in for longer; montmorillonite, helps to boost the health of the scalp and the hair, making sure it stays in the best condition possible while it is coloured. Sunflower seed and sweet almond oil are also added to infuse moisture and shine to the hair.

What are the main hair health concerns you see from clients?

I find my clients are concerned with dry hair and how to keep their hair in tip top shape along with itchy dry scalps.

How do clients benefit from your unique one-on-one hair experience?

When the client walks through the salon door, they are greeted by me, seated and we have a chat about their hair requirements. They have my full attention from the moment they walk in, until they walk out. The salon is theirs for the entire time they are in the salon – no sharing with other clients! There is no rushing or waiting around for others. The time my clients arrive, this is their time to unwind, relax and be pampered. I accommodate for those with children or infants that require privacy for feeding or whatever the case maybe. Your tea, coffee, sparkling water or wine is delivered by me, your wash, cut, colour and blow dry are all done by me. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy the creative process that hairstyling offers. I enjoy making other people feel great and looking a million dollars. Sometimes a blow dry can really give you a lift.

How else can we keep our hair healthy naturally?

I like to think of your hair like your skin. You clean it, moisturise, put a mask on it, keep it hydrated and hopefully keep it out of the sun. So, same goes for your hair. Treat your hair like a cashmere jumper – with care! Keep regular trims. Use the correct products for your hair type and condition. Eat well. Good hair comes from a good balanced diet. Learn how to wash your hair properly. Save product, save money and save drying your hair out. Protect your hair from harsh elements, like sun, surf, wind and heating irons.

Top DIY hair care tip:

Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase. Tossing and turning during the night can cause the hair to knot and tangle due to the friction on cotton pillowcases. The satin alternative helps to keep your hair smooth until morning.

Favourite hair product:

Original Mineral's Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque! Divine smell and divine results!

Stella De ZottiFavourite natural beauty product:

It would have to be Pure Destiny's Organic Youth Nectar Serum.

Favourite way to unwind:

It would have to be, burning essential oils, a herbal tea and a bubble bath – all together!

Favourite health foods:

Goiji berries, blueberries, almonds and olives!

Stella's salon is based in Leichhardt, Sydney. Visit to find out more.

By Nina Weston


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