New Year, New You? 10 Resolutions To Keep


With the New Year upon us there has never been a better time to make the switch to organic and natural beauty products. After all the season's festivities your skin as well as your body may be in need of a detox. From quick-fix weekly beauty essentials to healthier food choices, here are 10 natural beauty resolutions easy to keep.

1. Nourish Your Skin

Get a natural face lift in 2018 by remembering to care for your skin daily with a healthy, natural routine. All skin types, even oily, need nourishment and the most important ritual to keep for your skin is to use a moisturiser morning and evening. An oily skin type can still be dehydrated and a good, lightweight moisturiser such as MUKTI's Balancing Moisturiser will help balance sebum production. While, drier and mature skins need to replenish lost moisture by increasing lipid content and repairing barrier function. You may prefer to use an oil to keep your skin hydrated and conditioned – rosehip oil is excellent, or opt for a lightweight yet nourishing balm such as Josh Rosebrooks Vital Balm. 

2. Always Remove Your Makeup

Although natural makeup can be gentle and non-comedogenic, be sure to remove it at night to prevent breakouts and allow the skin to breathe. Ecocare's handy makeup removing wipes ensure there are no excuses! We also love Madara Micellar Water to gently remove makeup and impurities. Washing with a gentle creme cleanser is an anti-ageing must! Our pick would be MV Cream Cleanser. A good cleanser should soften and condition (creme), or help mattify skin (gel) depending on your skin type.

Top Tip: Also use a face scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells and promote cell renewal, for fresher and more radiant skin.

3. Slip, Slop, Slap

Sun damage is the biggest cause of premature ageing and can lead to other more serious health issues such as melanomas. Think of a high-quality, pure zinc-oxide based SPF as health insurance for your skin. Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays all year with natural sunscreen or a tinted moisturiser containing an SPF 30 (there is no need for higher, chemical-laden factors, regular application is the key).

4. Wear Makeup Good Enough To Eat

Remember our skin absorbs not only skin care, but makeup too! Don't use anything on your outer body you wouldn't put into it! Lipstick is ingested in greater quantities than any other product. We have some beautiful ranges available at Beautiful Because. And, when in comes to makeup, don't be afraid to embrace something new in 2018, from winged eyeliner to nude lips, smokey eyes and groomed brows, there's always time for play!

5. Remember Your Inner Beauty

Since beauty is skin deep, make sure you look after yourself by eating healthy foods and getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need. A healthy diet will let your natural beauty radiate with clearer skin, brighter eyes, shinier hair and healthier nails. Be sure to include oily fish rich in omega and essential fatty acids, green veg, such as spinach and kale, and super seeds and grains in your meal plan. Green smoothies are a great way to detox skin from within and get that extra veggie goodness your skin craves. Add veg in place of fruit for a skin boost. Even with a healthy diet it is hard to get sufficient vitamins and minerals with today's poor soil quality, so support your diet with a proven natural supplement such as The Beauty Chef or WelleCo.

6. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of pure water to keep your body hydrated. The skin is the last organ to reap the benefits of our water consumption, but it is vital to aid the skin in flushing out toxins and ensure adequate hydration for softer, suppler skin. Keep a jug of water on your desk at work to remind you to get your recommended 8 a day (glasses!). Give yourself a daily dose of antioxidants with a water-based green smoothie or green tea. Help your skin stay hydrated this summer also by spritzing regularly from the outside in, with a hydrating rose mist.

7. Rest Your Mind

Don't underestimate the importance of a calm mind on the health of not only your inner body, brain and heart, but skin too. Stress and fatigue can play out on the skin's surface in the form of redness, dark circles and pimples. Have early nights and take time out of your busy schedule to relax in your favourite way or meditate. Try something new that helps care for your mind, body and soul this year, such as yoga.

8. Schedule Exercise

Fitness aside, regular exercise and movement increases the amount of oxygen to your brain, and gets your endorphins flowing (our natural pain and stress fighting or "happy" hormones) so you will feel happier and renew your energy levels. Sweating also works wonders for the skin; eradicating toxins and keeping it hydrated and therefore smoother. Important also is just to ensure you have enough movement in your daily routine; which can be hard when working 9 - 5, we know! Try using a stand-up desk, having stand-up conferences, or walk while you talk in meetings with colleagues. The digestive system needs movement in order to move most effectively and prevent a sluggish metabolism and fatigue. Fitness monitors to track your daily steps can help. Focus on creating healthy habits and you will soon feel better for it!

9. Enjoy Me Time

Going back to work, and caring for others, is already a balancing act, but don't neglect yourself! This way you will stay healthier and happier can function and care for others better. Take that lunch break! Enjoy a book and a healthy snack and energise your mind and body. Schedule in regular me time at home also, by indulging in some TLC; perhaps your R&R is some bath time essentials with a candle lit bath and face mask?

10. Make Ethical Choices

Remember to feed your soul by being eco-conscious and kind to others. Beauty starts from within and there is nothing more beautiful than an open heart. Being more selective about the products you choose to buy, and remembering less is more when it comes to ethical quality over quantity is a great way to help sustainable brands flourish and make a small but important difference to the wider world. Creating a capsule beauty routine, shopping more eco-consciously, palm-oil free, choosing organic produce and consuming fewer animal products are just a few ways to lower your carbon footprint and feel good this year!


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