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Beautifully shaped and filled in brows are an anti-ageing beauty essential many of us desire, and rightly so! We're here to show you that even if you aren't blessed with naturally full brows, they are easy to achieve with the right makeup tools: we stock a selection of natural eyebrow products ideal for creating full, statement brows with no nasty, toxic-chemicals required! Read on to discover our top tips for at-home eyebrow shaping and product picks.


Finding your Brow Shape

So, we all know that a fuller brow is clearly in fashion, and has been for quite a while now, but though the caterpillar look may suit the latest Vogue model, it may not be quite right for you! The shape of your brow is also important, since eyebrow shapes can really change not only the appearance of one's face, but depict a personality! For instance, while very high arches (and thin brows) can age a person, and even make them look vexed or startled, lower arches (and fuller brows), will soften facial features and give a more youthful appearance.

If you have a round shaped face, fuller, arched brows work to create more of an oval shape and if you have a longer face shape, straighter brows are more flattering. Where they begin and end is also important; if they start too far forward, they can give the illusion of a larger nose. You may need to seek the help of an eyebrow expert to help you initially create the shape you want, but maintaining and accentuating this shape can be achieved at home.

DIY Eyebrow Shaping Tips

The ideal eyebrow shape varies from person to person, but a general rule is the following:

If you find it hard to shape your own brows, fill in the desired shape with product first, then pluck any excess hairs. Remember less is more; don't pluck any hairs you are unsure about!

Best Natural Eyebrow Products

If you have very thin or sparse brows, using a natural product to fill them in will make all the difference! The brow area is really important to keep toxic free, since, when we sweat, any excess product can be absorbed into the skin and reach the eyes. At Beautiful Because, we have a range of options for your brows, from pencils and powders to tinted waxes and shades for every hair colour; as a general rule, blondes should go for a shade or two darker than their natural colour while brunettes should go lighter. Here's what's hot and best for each brow type.


Long wearing brow waxes are particularly good for those with plenty, little or no brow hair looking to create a natural look. They are also excellent for filling in gaps between hairs and precision shaping. They give a professional look.

Plume Lashes' new Brow Pomades are 


Pencils are a quick and easy way to enhance brow shape or darken the colour. They can be used on sparse hair.

Ere Perez's Natural Almond Eyebrow Pencil is a neutral taupe suited to blondes and brunettes. It comes with a handy comb so you can brush the shape in place first. While, INIKA have a gorgeous Brunette pencil for darker brown hair shades. 


Brow powders are ideal for those looking to soften their eyebrow shape and with plenty of eyebrow hair and thicker brows.

Lily Lolo's brow powders come in 3 shades - for blondes and redheads, brunettes and black hair. The handy palette includes a wax to keep your eyebrow shape and loose hairs in place. It is best applied with the Lily Lolo Eyebrow Brush.

Product Application Tips

When using a brow product, use light strokes to fill in gaps and give the appearance of fine hairs. Draw in the direction of hair growth in the inner part of the brow and work along your hair line for a natural effect. If hairs are straight at the start of the brow, draw upwards to follow hairs. If thickening brows, or filling in harsh arches, colour underneath the brow.


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