Organic vs Natural Cosmetics

At Beautiful Because we stock both organic and natural makeup and cosmetics, but what’s the difference? While some of our brands contain organically certified ingredients and are classified "organic", others use high-quality, natural ingredients not certified organic.


Means ingredients derived directly from plants or minerals. They should have had minimal or no processing. However, those choosing natural products need to be careful as a cosmetic company using only one natural ingredient in a product could still brand it as natural. Non-synthetic can also refer to natural since it is a substance extracted from mineral, plant or animal product (such as honey or beeswax) that does not undergo a synthetic process. At Beautiful Because we only stock “natural” products which contain a majority or completely natural ingredients. Natural can also be "food grade," in that the ingredients used are also common foods.


Refers to ingredients derived from non-genetically modified plants, grown in an ecological way, with respect for the environment without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers or any other toxic synthetic matter. The ingredient should have been extracted and processed naturally. As with natural products, the term organic may be used for a product even if it contains just 1 per cent organic ingredients. A product cannot be certified organic in its complete form but the ingredients within it can be. At Beautiful Because we only stock and label products “organic” if the majority of its ingredients have been certified organic. If the brand or product is certified organic we will put the certification alongside it.


Refers to the ingredients in your average, mainstream cosmetic products which are made from chemical substances or from ingredients that, despite originating from plant, animal or mineral sources, have been chemically changed. At Beautiful Because, we clearly label any of our products that contain synthetic ingredients. They are few and far between and are always run through the EWG's Skin Deep Database to ensure they are safe. It is a common misconception that all synthetic ingredients are unsafe. We keep this to an absolute minimum in store and when we choose to, it's done because there's no 100% natural or certified organic alternative that performs to the same level. We do not stock products containing toxic synthetic ingredients. We never allow synthetic fragrance, regardless of safety.


(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certified – The association has certified the brand does not test on animals.


The products are plant based and contain no animal matter or ingredients derived from animals or dairy.


The products are not tested on animals nor do the ingredients contain animal matter.