Kjaer Weis: Founder Kirsten Talks Luxury Makeup

Meet Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a veteran makeup artist and the woman behind a most forward thinking organic makeup line that bears her name, Kjaer Weis. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, her own makeup line was always destined to be something special; truly combining luxury and sustainability. Kjaer Weis’ most natural, “barely-there” signature style offers women the option to build colour or coverage intensity, without irritating their skin or impacting their health. We are delighted to be stocking Kjaer Weis at Beautiful Because.

Kirsten Kjaer Weis grew up in the Danish countryside, before moving to Paris to study at the prestigious school of makeup – Christian Chaveau School Of Artistic Makeup. Kirsten’s passion and skills set her on a path to success, and today she is one of the most sought after makeup artists in New York, with innumerable magazine covers and fashion shoots.

Looking back, Kirsten said, “I loved living in Paris. I found the art, the style, and the culture of the city so inspirational. And the amazing teachers at the Chauveau School helped me realise how much I loved the creative aspect of makeup.”

Working on runways, it didn’t take long for her to discover the irritating effects of conventional products to the skin, with models experiencing breakouts every day: “I would see first hand all of these skin issues that the models I worked on had, and how it was considered so absurdly normal”. She spotted a clear gap in the market for natural makeup that could perform and be luxurious at the same time. “The goal was to set out and create an alternative that took all compromises out of the mix in terms of performance, luxury, and ingredients. I wanted to achieve makeup that would hold its own next to the big conventional brands.”

From the beginning, the Kjaer Weis approach to makeup has been ‘less is more’. The high-performance result is not necessarily in the amount of product, but the colour choice, textures, and ingredients. With most Kjaer Weis products, you can apply with the warmth of your fingers, which gives you a beautiful natural look. The pure organic ingredients used in Kjaer Weis makeup is literally like skincare that just happens to be makeup as well: each foundation, mascara, eye shadow, bronzer, highlighter, blush, and lipstick is made in Italy and certified organic by the CCPB, the Italian organic certifying authority.

Kjaer Weis makeup feels like skincare to wear, allowing your skin to breathe and letting your natural beauty shine through. “When you feel good, it empowers you. Whether that’s the feeling of pulling something beautiful out of your bag or wearing something that feels wonderful on the skin,” says Kirsten. Also, the application is super easy. “A lot of the responses we get from customers is that it now only takes them five minutes to get ready, and that our products have truly simplified their routines.”

The beautiful packaging was created in collaboration with award-winning creative director Marc Atlan (who has also worked with Tom Ford, Commes des Garçon, and Helmut Lang). The finished result is a sleek, elegant, and user-friendly refillable packaging system that is unsurpassed in the industry.

5 Minutes with Kirsten Kjaer-Weis

Discover a little more about the woman behind the brand...

What sets Kjaer Weis apart?

I think the fact we feel we have equal emphasis on not only performance and ingredients, but also design. In my personal opinion I don’t see that anyone has put as much of an emphasis on design as we have [with luxe silver compacts that are refillable for eco-conscious beauty]. I was so lucky to work with genius designer Marc Atlan to create our packaging, which is truly more like a one-of-a-kind piece.

What was the biggest challenge you faced creating your own products?

The challenge was to be able to formulate without using synthetics. I wanted to achieve the same textures as conventional brands while using natural, raw materials instead of silicones. It’s also a challenge when we create new batches of our bestselling shades because we have to make sure it stays exactly the same as the original. It can’t all of a sudden have a different texture or colour, just because it’s natural.

What are your top three KW products for A/W 17?

Definitely The Beautiful Oil because it will give you the most exquisite glow and the perfect amount of hydration to winter fatigued skin. Also the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation (with the oil as a base) will leave your skin looking flawless but very natural. I always add a Cream Blush to top it all off and give a healthy flush of colour to the cheeks.

What's makeup look are you loving right now?

Glowing skin to me is the ultimate beauty look. My Cream Bronzer in Dazzling is the perfect choice. I also love the bold, signature lips we’ve been seeing on the catwalk lately. We added lipsticks to our collection last year and included some beautiful statement reds. I’m not too focused on trends, but I’m hoping the glowy skin and signature lip trends turn into classics.

Which is your all time favourite KW product?

It would be a tough pick for me, but I think our Cream Blush would be my all time favourite product. It's the product that makes the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. It will give you a beautiful well-rested glow as if you’ve just come back from holiday, even though that may not be the case! It is very easy to apply and doesn't require a lot of skill or effort.

Your top natural beauty tip?

One of my top natural beauty tips is to try to keep your diet as alkaline as possible. Beauty truly starts on the inside and within. Also I think really high quality oils for the face, body, and hair are so wonderful. You will see a significant difference in your skin using oils.

Any other natural beauty brands you love?

I love May Lindstrom, MV Organic Skincare, Osmia, and Tata Harper.

What's next for Kjaer Weis?

Following the launch of The Beautiful Oil this year [coming soon to Beautiful Because!], we will be stepping more and more into skincare. This September we are launching lip and eye pencils along with a powder, which will be brand new to the line.

How do you like to stay healthy for holistic beauty from within?

I love to have as clean of a diet as possible without being too strict. I stay away from processed foods but I’ll never shy away from a glass of wine :-) Sleep and exercise are essential, and I truly believe what you feed your mind in terms of your thoughts is so important for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Your favourite way to unwind?

Nature, nature, nature! Getting out in nature is one of my biggest joys in life. I always find if I can get in even a short road trip over the weekend I feel so happy and rejuvenated. The longer I've lived in cities, the more I've missed the experience of nature I was so lucky to have growing up. I love the tranquility, peace and beauty of the natural world. It reminds me of why I created a line of organic makeup, and inspires its evolution.

What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

A woman is beautiful when she is kind and unapologetically comfortable in her own skin. It’s silly to say that you don’t notice when someone is physically beautiful, of course you do, but at the end of the day, it really is the personality that makes a person beautiful.