Tips for faking the look of a full night's sleep

Dark circles under the eyes can be attributed to many factors, from diet to allergies and just a general lack of sleep. For those mornings when you wake up without your 8 hours of beauty sleep, we have some handy tips to tweak your morning natural beauty routine to look less tired and fake that 'full night's sleep' look!


Step one is to conceal the dark circles under your eyes. Do this with something lighter than your regular foundation. You may always conceal slightly lighter than your foundation shade. If you don't, having one on hand is a good idea. For brands like Kjaer Weis who don't have a dedicated concealer in their natural makeup range, their cream foundation makes the perfect substitute and multi-tasker. Don't use your regular shade of foundation, Kjaer Weis suggest using a shade lighter for concealing dark circles.

Many people have 2 shades of foundation that they mix and match depending on the season. If you have more than one, use the lighter shade first to conceal the circles and then your regular shade of foundation over the top to blend with the rest of your face. We also offer free samples of the KW Cream Foundation, so feel free to pop a sample in to your cart one shade lighter than normal for emergencies. Samples are also available in the Inika range so you can purchase a small tube for occasions like this.


Whether a natural mascara is a part of your daily day time beauty regime or not, on the day you want to brighten your eyes, choose your favourite Lengthening Mascara in black and apply one coat, allow to try and then build a second layer to lengthen and thicken the lashes. We love the Long Lash Vegan Mascara from Inika, available in both black or brown. Either shade will open up the eyes. Black will give you a little more bang for your buck.


There are many ways to apply eyeliner in a multitude of different shades to achieve any number of stunning effects and moods. The most common place is above the lash line on the top lid or below the lash line on the bottom. It's most common to smudge the lower lid liner and to keep some definition on the top, depending on your look. On a day when you look tired, neither of these are going to help, especially with a dark colour.

Today, put your black and brown eye pencils away and pick up a light shade.

By choosing a nude or a white eyeliner instead of a dark shade, you can forget about tracing above and below the lash line and use your pencil on the water line. You can choose to just do the lower lid or you can do both. A nude will give a more natural finish while a white pencil will open you up a little wider.

Below we have a tutorial showing you how to do this. We think the best product in store to do this with is the eyeliner pencils from Eye of Horus. You have the option of either the Sahara Nude or a pure white.

If you don't have time to watch the whole video, here's our top tips.

  1. Warm the pencil up on your hand first. It will start to melt the waxes.
  2. Without pulling or stretching the bottom eyelid down, start from the outer corner with short sweeping strokes and work your way towards the centre of the face.
  3. For better access to the top lid, gently lift with the finger, or if you have applied eyeshadow and don't want to mess it, gently lift it with a cotton bud (see video)

Eye of Horus is formulated for sensitive eyes, but do always be careful. There's a great tip in the video about how to deal with watering eyes while applying an eye pencil to the water line. The beauty of the EOH pencils is that once the wax sets, these pencils have true high performance staying power that you don't see in a regular pencil.